Between the Light and Darkness Lies a Hidden Reality, the Control Panel of Existance, this is the Twilight
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 Kogren Style!

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Anbu of the Twilight
Anbu of the Twilight

Number of posts : 58
Age : 25
Registration date : 2009-01-27

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PostSubject: Kogren Style!   Kogren Style! I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 28, 2009 12:17 am

Kekki Genkai: Ablity to make small port. holes without using hand signs and only using a little bit of chakra, he can use to block attacks or jump through, (can only travel a 1 mile radius),

Time eye, once activated allows me to see everything in slowmotion
Kogren Style! 695984_space_eye

Haste Time Jutsu: Increases his own speed or allies speed.

Jupiter Strength: another buff that increases his or allies strength

Freeze Zone Jusu: Anyone or anything caught in this can not move except for me.(Must be Kind of close to me to work, Can't just send out at you if your ways away..)

Great gate jutsu: Opens a large portal that leads to his own realm where he can seal things (leaves to imagination)

Gravity fist: a Jutsu that enchants his hands, everytime he he makes cont tact with his fist the person will get heavier making it harder for them to move.

Port. Prison Jutsu: Surrouns the enemy with a bunch of his portals around him above him..etc

Atomic Crasher: A ball of energy apeares in my hand with rings around it once hit with it your not able to use any chakra tech.

Shurikan expansion Jutsu: Makes his giant shurikan much larger.

Sword Tech: Thousand Wounds, Can be far away from you and he swings his blade and it feels if you have been cut a thousand times

Big Bang Shurikan Jutsu: Throws shurikan then makes it explode then sucks everything back to it and explodes once more

Gravity clones: Basicly the same thing as gravity fist, but there pyhsical clones of himself like shadow clones And each one you destroy makes you gravity increase

Wave: Sends a energy pulse out hands to enemy.

Zero Gravity: Makes an highlated area have "zero gravity making it hard for you to move and dodge attacks while in the air.

Nuetron field: Barrier that absorbs Chakra and energy attacks, absorption adds to my own chakra refilling it, and also deflects thrown objects.

Star Flare: Sends flare into the sky and then explodes causing an atificial sun can be used to call back up or used as a blinding distraction

Atom dust: breaks all the atoms up in his body making his self in the form of dust particles.

His village mostly uses Tai Jutsu

Time healing: I reverse the time around a injury causing it to go back to what it originally was

Summons: Astro Beast, Large feline that u can mount and also does damage

Kogren Style! Anti%20Battle%20Cat%20dim

Astro Beast abilities: Uni. Blast: charges a ball of energy at shoots the ball towards you

Kogren Style! Zerosuit_samus_080208c-l

Astro beast:Galactic wave: Charges its energy and starts to glow and shoots off a huge wave of energy at you (can charge and and le the energy off at any
moment), (think Kamehameha )
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Anbu of the Twilight
Anbu of the Twilight

Number of posts : 58
Age : 25
Registration date : 2009-01-27

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PostSubject: Re: Kogren Style!   Kogren Style! I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 05, 2009 8:57 pm

Demon abilities: able to pull life energy from around me(grass trees plants, animals) and my body converts it to demonic energy

Full manipulation of demon energy, without using much chakra

Demonic portals: Portals can not only now travel all around the world but to others including the demon realm, I can also adjust the size of my normal Kg ports

Demonic strike: I focus hella demon energy into a sertain part of my body and strike with that part the result of the blow is unbelievably fatal

Demonic Cannon: Long range demonic blast can shoot over miles

Demonic bomb: large purple spirit bomb

Demonic summons: uses Demon portals to summon demons from demon realm

Pure energy: My whole body becomes demonic energy

warp: KG inhanced don't have to use ports to port short distances I can just warp my whole body instantly (only one mile radius, doesn't use a lot of chakra)

Demon clones: Clones maid of demonic energy Once destroyed they cause damge to you

Demonic Elements:


Demonic explosion: Burst of demon energy charges inside of me and explodes from my body
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Kogren Style!
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