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 Jace's New Techs

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Twilight's Blazing Sky
Twilight's Blazing Sky

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PostSubject: Jace's New Techs   Jace's New Techs I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 11, 2009 9:34 pm

COMPLETE ,utter and total, domain over heat

Genesis Lvl 3- My Kekki Genkai. A completely white energy that burns 100x as hot as the sun.

I am also able to do Basic Fire Jutsu as well including Fire ball jutsu, Phinoex flower, Fire dragon jutsu, etc.. do to my great control over heat and fire, I can also really improvise with it. I can also make Spontaneous Combustions. I can also withstand all types of heat of almost any degress, meaning, I really can't be burnt.

I can also utilize any type of heat(Blue fire, White fire, Black fire etc)

Genesis Rasengan-A rasengan spirling with Genesis Chakra that covers my whole arm

Piller of Fire- I super giant Piller of fire shoots out of the sky at bewildering speed

Genesis Shield- I make a bubble of Genesis energy to protect me from damage

Piercing Flames-I shoot fire like bullets fused with Genesis out of my fingers

Genesis Gun- (Think Spirit Gun but with Genesis Energy but hella bigger)

Genesis Smasher- incrediable Genesis Energy that covers my whole arm as I punch breaking the sound barrier twice as the punch has enough force to crush a large mountain.

Shining Finger-I grab the opponents face and Pump it with monster amount of Genesis Energy

Leak- Fire Explodes from the ground all around the area like Geysers at Blinding speeds

Reflect- I manipulate Genesis energy to from a field around me to reflect things coming towards me that uses opponents strength against them so making the
barrier virtually indestructable. also they turn watever it reflects under me control

Genesis Brigade- I unleash a Brigade of Bone shattering Titanium destroying punches and kicks on an enemy with Genesis covering my blow

Bullet Storm-I use the heat around you to ravage your body at bewildering speed with bullets made of fire

Genesis/Fire Bullets- Bullets made of Genesis or Fire that moves almost 50x bullet speed

Rapid Spin-nuff said

Discs of Genesis/Fire-Nuff said Discs that fly at blinding speeds

Genesis Swarm-I swing my hand or leg and send a seemingly endless barrage of little beams of Genesis at the foe

StarLit-Not revealed

Drakes Blow-(Think A dragon In the form of fire ball jutsu but shit loads bigger and stronger at house size at least)

Spontaneous Combustion-I can Spontaneously combust anything but i don't perfer doing it to actual people, just clones and stuff..

Solar Crystals-(crimson crystals) My reflect barrier in its soildified form. It's virtually unbreaksble because it's ability to not take damage but reflect the force and impact right back to he opponent, although it can be over whelmed when attacked with enough strength and when hit in its weak point a certain way it will shatter. I can also form it to things to a certain extent. Also the crystals continuosly burn.

Coffin of Flames-Flames laced with Genesis Energy Encompesses your body and compresses on your body crushing your bones and burninng you to a crisp

Giga Genesis Gun-not revealed

Blazing Fist-A punch at Blazing Speed surronded with Genesis Energy(If you get hit at Blazing speed, I highly doubt you won't go flying)

Genesis Bomber-not revealed

Dance Macabre'- A deadly combo where I charge My blades with Enough Genesis that it could cleave through a mountain. My attacks are fast enough that my strikes can't be seen.

Outburst- I coat my body with Genesis I can Make it explode sending out thousands of little beams of Genesis

Pin Point Action- Not revealed

Submit- Not Revealed

Phinoex Dance- Coat My legs with White hot Fire and Gensis and release a flurry of kicks at Blazing Speed

Starlit lvl2-Not revealed

Sekeku Kadugan- My Kekki Genkai Eye Which increases my attributes 50x but focuses on my Reflexes. It also gives me access to a most valuable move set, and negates Genjutsu and is filled with Deadly attacks:

Only Capable with Sekeku Kadugan active:

Sekukon- it takes a while for it charge and is also A jutsu that falls into my most devestating techniques list but also the I won't use list. A giant blue and white and black vortex opens in the sky and uses Shugo's power along with my ascended Power and Genesis and Disenegrates and erases the opponent from existence almost instantly. the closer they are to the vortex the more effective it. The vortex doesn't last forever(5 posts before it goes away but it shouldn't take no less than 3 unless a miricle) after the Vortex leaves I am Deprived of my Eye Jutsu and some of my site and strength for the remainder of the battle

the rest are jutsu that I can use without the Eye Jutsu:

Genesis quake-I strike the ground and send a shockwave of Genesis and White fire along the ground

Celestrial Storm-Self explanatory I make from Stars from space rain on you or the area dealing Celestrial Damage

Celestrial fist- A punch concentrated with star energy......Giga damage..most people can't withstand this attack(nit counting the Kages)

Other Star chakra things, I can drop a star on you and I can use the Sun in a variety of ways for I control the sun, and the stars

Burning Tempest- A huge ass tornado made of White Fire and Genesis that surronds me that I can throw at people.

Genesis Clap- I clap my hands and release a huge ass shockwave of Energy that could level a city.

Collapsing Wave- I strike the Ground in a way i choose and send a giant shockwave towards you ripping the ground beneath it adding to the waves onslaught also it has fire or Genesis.

Starlit Finale-Not Revealed

Erupting Rasengan- A rasengan infused with all forms of heat and Genesis that once makes contat will erupt making fire of all types shoot out of your body like an volcano.

Endless Undiscovery- I seperate my blade Enigma into Millions of Slender blades.While the blades are too small to see normally, they reflect light in such a way as to appear as cherry blossom petals. The petals retain the abilities of Enigma meaning that each blade burns with the heat of the sun. I can control the blades at will, allowing me to shred opponents at a distance and break through almost any defense I also can control the blades with my mind alone, using my hands allows me to do so more effectively, making the blades move twice as fast.

Atomic Inferno-I make a mixture of both Star Chakra all my types of fire and Genesis and then I make it either spiral around me or you and it will follow you no matter where you go relentlessly like an atom. Once it make contact with anything or if I say so it will cause an explosion that could erase a state from existence. It can also act as a sheild if I say so.

Enigmus-I make Enigma sink into the ground as it multiplies and begins erupting various places throught the area at monsterous speed like Geysers

Crimson Flames- When I use flames that burn crimson , it is perfectly fused with Genesis and is mostly unstable. But it is also one of the strongest flames I have and when touched or made contact with my clear flames, the heat and burn is so intense that it will almost instantlybut surely burn through any material and people to the bone and can't be extenguished since fused with Genesis. I can also add the crimson flames to my jutsu but it will make the atteack unstable.

Genesis Requiem- My body begins to fiz before I disappear and reappear closer to the enemy as I disappear again and appear a little ways behind them shooting little beams of Genesis at their back side as I reappear on their left flank the same distance away shooting another set of Genesis beams as I continue this process over and over until their are beams coming at him from all possible angles including above him. All this is done in under 5 seconds as each beam is faster and larger than the last.

Last edited by Jace on Mon May 11, 2009 6:30 pm; edited 11 times in total
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Twilight's Blazing Sky
Twilight's Blazing Sky

Number of posts : 292
Age : 29
Registration date : 2009-02-01

Jace's New Techs Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jace's New Techs   Jace's New Techs I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 11, 2009 10:34 pm


Demon Forms- They enhance my abilities with each level and let me tap into my demonic energy. But the higher the level the more strain it takes on me.

Demon Form Level 2Jace's New Techs Godzil10 In this form, I gain a swift regeneration factor and contact with my skin will drastically drain chakra.

Demon Form Level 3Jace's New Techs Bahamu10
In this form I can be from Skyscraper size to my normal size or larger. I also attain my regeneration factor at a faster rate.

This is Demonic EnergyJace's New Techs Final_10

This is GenesisJace's New Techs Energy10

I can also control the sun and can make it do a variety of things, like shoot a concentrated beam of the suns energy at the opponent.Jace's New Techs Sun_to10

I also control the starsJace's New Techs Starst10

Crimson StateJace's New Techs N5039310
All my abilities are multiplied far far past their overlimits..the armor is solar crystals making it even harder to hurt me..

Terror Trigger

Jace's New Techs Shining_Dragon_by_pamansazz

Terror Trigger
Dragon Form
Jace's New Techs Light_Dragon_by_pamansazz

Last edited by Jace on Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:49 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Twilight's Blazing Sky
Twilight's Blazing Sky

Number of posts : 292
Age : 29
Registration date : 2009-02-01

Jace's New Techs Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jace's New Techs   Jace's New Techs I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2009 1:03 pm

Jace's New Techs Geass10

Geass- Autobreaks seals upon the activating unless I say otherwise, both eyes always active. Also allows access to Dimensional Portals. It also allows me to see chakra.
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Twilight's Blazing Sky
Twilight's Blazing Sky

Number of posts : 292
Age : 29
Registration date : 2009-02-01

Jace's New Techs Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jace's New Techs   Jace's New Techs I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2009 3:17 pm

After my victory against the Kage of the Nightmare,Zk, I maliciously absorbed all of his powers and they are the following:

The techniques of my bloodline are very many and very powerful. But the basis of this is the fact that my control over the elements isn't held in any weapons. It is buried in my soul and can be crafted into any shape. Blades, shields, armor, anything. Up until now they have been swords but that will change in all due time.

Phoenix Rain: A rain of flame needles is unleashed on the opponent
Unicorn Crush: Luna is combined with one of my limbs and its power is turned into a long spike. A crushing blow is thrown.
Kraken Gore: Aqua is pushed into the ground and geysers begin to blow out of the ground
Phoenix Burst: Solara charges and shoots a phoenix towards the opponent. Can be used in a stabbing motion to increase the power.
Lightning Pass: Elektra is used to send blasts and bolts of lightning across the ground
Aeroblast: Aera is used to whip up a raging circle of wind. The wind is then thrown at the opponent, ravaging their bodies.
Dark Pulse: Oblivion is spun at a high speed sucking everything towards it.
Dragon Spew: Solara is struck into the ground and the earth erupts with fire
Dragon Rush: I fly at my opponent spinning head over heels, my body engilfed in any element i choose, weapon in hand. The energy creates the form of a gaping dragon mouth around my spinning body and when i strike my opponent, it crushes down on them.
Dragon Raid: Same thing as Dragon Rush only with my weapons being thrown.

Draco Herald: My body is fully or partially transformed into that of The White Dragon: Hyozanryu. This goes far beyond transformation jutsu. Strengthens my other Bloodline Jutsu. Allows the use of some Dragon only jutsu.
Ancient Dragon Strike: Hyozanryu's fist is thrust into the body of the opponent after Dragon Raid sending a blast of chakra through them.
Starshine Meteor Shower: The opponent is skewered by the five claws on each of Hyozanryu's hands millions of times per second.
Dragon Claw: Hyozanryu's claws glow with one of the six Kamisora Chakras and the opponent is slashed with them. Different names for each...

Hyozanryu of the Silver Sky

Jace's New Techs White_11
Dodecagram: Allows me complete control of what happens inside it. It is the home of Hyozanryu of the Silver Sky. It can summon him forth as my avatar and I will control him until the enemy is defeated. It also allown me access to more secret forbidden jutsu of my clan. Jace's New Techs Magic_Circle_by_Bluecitrus

First Forbidden Jutsu: Moonshine
Second Forbidden Jutsu: Chaos Spear
Third Forbidden Jutsu: Summoning - Tides of Ruin
Fourth Forbidden Jutsu: Tempest Blades
Fifth Forbidden Jutsu: Neo Raging Storm
Sixth Forbidden Jutsu: Showtime
Seventh Forbidden Jutsu: Endgame
Eighth Forbidden Jutsu: XIII Blades
Final Forbidden Jutsu: Not revealed

The newest jutsu in my arsenal... Still devastating.

My new summons call fourth the bonds of my mind and the things I love the most to my aid. They protect me and help me defeat my enemies.

TB Soundbreaker - Summon: An unbreakable guitar used for both sound based jutsu and special types of elemental jutsu. I can channel my chakra either into the guitar or around it and strum to fire chakra bulleta or activate area efefcts similar to genjutsu. The guitar is also usable for very devastating physical strikes.
Jace's New Techs Tb_sou10

Buster Cannon - Summon: Long range high power chakra rifle. Along with the rifle I summon a scouter type targeting system to my right eye that locks on to chakra flows. Its shot is accurate to almost 100th of a unit so I should barely miss with this. Also a fulllll charged buster rifle shot has the power potential to erradicate every single cell in a persons body but it will take alot out of me.

Firefox - Summon: A large fox that has control over fire. Can fly using flames on its paws.

The next summoning jutsu I call forth from my bloodline to my aid. I can combine with them and use their power.

Luna the Divine Light - Summon: This summons Luna from my mind to my aid. She comes to my side with lance in hand to defend me although I could not defend her. She turns the field into pure light that purifies the soul and no darkness can pierce it except the darkness I control. Luna can also heal me while fighting alongside me.

Solara the Blazing Sky - Summon: This summons calls the guardian of fire of my clan, Solara to the field. She uses a Guan Do and has absolute control of fire. Her beast s the phoenix and she transforms ino it freel. Her beast overlay gives me talons for hands and a flaming beak and pair of wings. She can turn the field completely to an endless expanse f flames so hot they burn the soul.Her destructive spirit only intensifies the damage.

Aqua the Cleansing Tides - Summon: This summons the beast of the water chakra of my clan the kraken. This vicious beast has shed its human coil and become pure rage and a vengeful spirit against anything but me. It can call forth a rainfall that accumulates so much water that covers the earth in hundreds of miles of water. Our beast overlay allows me to ride its back, underwater breathing, and complete control of the water. Jace's New Techs The_Kraken_by_Ancient_001

Aera the Four Winds - Summon: This summons.the guardian of wind of my clan, Aera from my mind. She has complete and absolute control over the wind and can send it through objects to cause damage without breaking the surface like gentle fist only not as gentle. The punches that she throws are made millions of times stronger by adamantium fist braces. Our human overlay gives me pegasus armor and the fist gauntlets. Her beast is the pegasus and she can fly as fast as the wind. Our beast overlay Gives me the Wings of the North and South, Movement of the West, and Renewal of the East. The wings allow me flight without chakra, the movement allows em to move as fast as I need to, and the Renewal of the East uses the wind to heal my wounds. The healing also grants me more strength as it heals so the greater the wounds, the more my power increases.

Elektra the Fearless Strike - Summon: This summons the beast of the electrical guardians of my clan, the Hydra. It shoots electricity from its six heads and has electrical bites. It can also turn the whole field into an electrical minefield. Anybody that touches it is instantly blasted by a 1,000,000,000 bolt of electricity. If you're not me then you're either dead or the loser of this match. Our overlay turns my arms into hydra heads and four others come out of my back.

Oblivion the Endless Abyss - Summon: This technique turns the entire field to complete and utter darkness from which no light can escape. The only light that can be seen is Luna and that is only for a short distance even at her strongest shine. This summon is the chimera form of the darkness branch of my clan. The chimera has two heads, one of a sleeping child and the other of a sleeping woman. A third head comes from between in the visage of my father ans spits black flames from its mouth. It has a scythe for its left arm and it moves as fast as the speed of light without actually moving.. It just moves. Our overlay I call The Great Destroyer. It gives me black wings, forearm blades, and the protection of death. Apart from each other, although sleeping, it attacks relentlessly anything other than me. Iit is especially deadly in the darkness. Jace's New Techs Chimera_by_Zeakari(kinda like this with the proper mods)

Rasengan Infinity - Ninjutsu: An attack of sky chakras that begins with Rasengan. My rasengan is special because my body is filled with six different chakras and therefore, my rasengan has six different swirls inside of it. The Rasengan Infinity takes that Rssengan and first lights a flame inside of it. Then it pours steam from it, clouding me from sight. Following that lightning crackles from within the orb and wind slices all around it. Finally, it gives off a shining light and everything turns black and I strike from the steam.

Infinity Burst - Follow Up: I add my other hand to the Rasengan Infinity and expand it to epic proportions and explode it sending a blast of sky chakras. (Think Kamehameha)

Chidori Release - Ninjutsu: I begin with Chidori and feed it more chakra and simultaneously release control of the lightning letting it lash out and strike all around you while still holding the core.

Chidori Broken – Follow Up: I crush the core of the Chidori causing a shockwave of electricity that throughout the field. I feed it more chakra to make the wave bigger.

Shining Finger – Ninjutsu: I grab the face of the opponent and force out a blast of light that blinds the opponent.

Raging Storm – Ninjutsu: I gather chakra in the form of a flame in both palms and force them into the ground raising earth and chakra bursts and waves all around me.

Machine Gun Punch – Taijutsu: I punch as fast as the speed of light directly at the opponent’s body.

Sky Stomp – Taijutsu: I backflip kick the opponent into the air and jump up and begin to stomp them repeatedly back into the ground.

Sky Uppercut – Taijutsu: I send three punches, one to the abdomen, one to the chin, and the last to the face sending you flying high into the air.

Meteor Smash – Follow Up: I send a spinning elbow to the flying opponent and follow it with a screaming punch that sends them crashing back into the ground.

Other techniques from a time long past...

Body Element Fusion: It turns my body completely to any element I choose.

Rapid Spin: I spin my body at a high speed either like a top or head over heels.

Shuriken Clone Jutsu: I create shadow clones of shurikens increasing their numbers exponentially.


Shuriken Hurricane: Rapid Spin combined with the Shuriken Clone sends endless shuriken in every direction.

Firey Tempest: Body Element Fusion as fire combined with Rapid Spin causes a whirling storm of fire.

Last edited by Jace on Fri Apr 17, 2009 3:24 pm; edited 4 times in total
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Twilight's Blazing Sky
Twilight's Blazing Sky

Number of posts : 292
Age : 29
Registration date : 2009-02-01

Jace's New Techs Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jace's New Techs   Jace's New Techs I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2009 3:27 pm

Greatest Impact: I gather chakra into my body and release it in a punch or kick that levels skyscrapers.

Sonic Impact: A Greatest Impact thrown at a supersonic speed, (greater than 761 miles per hour) thus magnifying it's strength.

Sparta Kick: The opponent runs into my foot and I boot them back with a Greatest Impact.

Hyper Impact: Greatest Impact at a Hypersonic speed, 5 times the speed of sound.

Dragon Sky Upperkick: One kick is thrown to the opponent's face with strength so immense that it ruptures the earth around us from the force of impact.

Infinity Kick: I jump high into the air and begin drawing chakra from the sky and earth. It is placed into one strike. This kick is so strong, it draws enough chakra to turn the sky black and when it connects...
Jace's New Techs Images1608051_saobang
((My body during the kick))
Jace's New Techs EarthLimb_Nightside_composite
((The planet during the attack))
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Twilight's Blazing Sky
Twilight's Blazing Sky

Number of posts : 292
Age : 29
Registration date : 2009-02-01

Jace's New Techs Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jace's New Techs   Jace's New Techs I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2009 7:08 pm

Clone Warp Combo: I create a clone and warp after each hit and continue this pattern for an intense combo.

Burial at Sea: I call an enormous amount of water that attacks the opponent. Then, it forms on top of the opponent and I crush it down on them.

Chidori End: i sall an immense amount of lightning chakra to my hand and run at thrust it into the opponent. When it makes contact it releases the energy in a large bolt of lightning that comes from it point blank.

Grand water Excavation: I take water and it begins to spiral around my sword (or whatever part of my body I use) and i strike the opponenet with it like a drill.

Burning Sky: I use Rapid Spin and drill into the opponent. Then, I follow up with a Greatest Kick Impact sending you towards the ground with great force.

Absolution: I gather so much electricity from the world around me that i create my own stronger magnetism. the power is unleashed into the atmosphere sending an emp strong enough to shut down the nervous systems of organic beings.

Verdict: Lightning from all over the planet is gathered into one ungodly electric storm that threatens the fate of mankind. The electricity is unleashed into the opponent.

Rebellion: Electricity is unleashed into the opponent and exited from then at opposite points.
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PostSubject: Re: Jace's New Techs   Jace's New Techs I_icon_minitime

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Jace's New Techs
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