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 Genjutsu Rules

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Twilight's Vanishing Storm
Twilight's Vanishing Storm

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PostSubject: Genjutsu Rules   Genjutsu Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 17, 2009 1:37 am

Genjutsu attacks will now be carried out in battles according to the following rules:

When someone uses genjutsu, both attacker and defender will complete a dice roll according to their rank. Genin and Chunnin will roll one dice, Jounin and Anbu will roll two dice, and Sannin and Kage will roll three dice. Whomever has the higher number after totalling the rolls, wins. In the case of the attacker winning the roll, the defender is caught in genjutsu until their next turn of posting, where they can try to break the genjutsu again, if they wish. One who wishes to try to break the genjutsu again, must simply complete another dice roll according to their rank and if that dice roll is higher than the attackers original genjutsu dice roll, than the genjutsu is broken. If not, then the defender is still under the influence of the genjutsu. If the defender wins the first dice roll the genjutsu fails.

Please note before using genjutsu, that there are a number of people who can divert genjutsu all together, depending on their abilities. If you are fighting one of these people, please relize that trying to use the genjutsu on them wont work, so dont even try it.

If any have questions, contact one of the kages or myself.
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Genjutsu Rules
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