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 New A Ranked Mission: Going To The Dream World!

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Aida Vanguard
Twilight's Elemental Flare
Twilight's Elemental Flare
Aida Vanguard

Number of posts : 179
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Registration date : 2008-12-24

PostSubject: Re: New A Ranked Mission: Going To The Dream World!   Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:31 pm


*I would watch the elders speak to Ezekial about Kham and Hisoka. Wondering what he means when he speaks of them as a disaster. I would simply lay back in the cut and listen to the convo.*
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Jounin of the Twilight
Jounin of the Twilight

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PostSubject: Re: New A Ranked Mission: Going To The Dream World!   Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:53 pm

((Hey dont go worrying yourself Aida, Im not mad at you or anything...I understand about having a life to live too...))

Elder: Good guess, and yes, you do fit into it all....the first thing you must do when you return, is to relay a message from us to in which tells them that they must keep their powers under control for the betterment of all realities...but that is after your training...

Me: Training?

Elder: Ah, yes, your training, your not at all on par with what you should be. Normally you should have defeated that Dengar alone easily, although it tends to resist and absorb RD, there are other things in which hurt it....things you will learn. Now proper thanks must be given....

*the Elders turn to Aida*

Elder: Miss Aida Vanguard. You are to be commended for helping Ezekiel find his way here, and protecting him. We have a gift for you after we have completed some....uh, things.... *The Elder turns to me* Now, we will be giving you something that all Prophets should have....or a few things....
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Jounin of the Twilight
Jounin of the Twilight

Number of posts : 131
Age : 27
Registration date : 2008-12-25

PostSubject: Re: New A Ranked Mission: Going To The Dream World!   Sun Jul 12, 2009 9:12 pm

*The Three Elders all raise their left hands and shoot a beam of energy at me, each purple in color, and hitting me at the same time, and creating a large purplish cloud around me. After a few moments the energy stops, and the cloud starts to slowly dissipate. After a bit of time, the purple clouds totally vanish, and reveal me, or the new me anyway...*

(Dreaming Form)

(From Normal Me to Dreaming Form {this is the actual dreaming form, the technical look})

Elder: This is your Dreaming Form, with this you have gained all of the powers in which the Dreamings use themselves. The Dreamings powers are very similar to a prophets, and therefore should compliment your other abilities nicely.

*I goggle at myself, my transformation*

Elder: Why dont you try a few new things out with that...?


*I quickly focus my energy, and suddenly vanish, being replaced by nothing more than a small cloud of purplish smoke and suddenly reappear on the other side of the colosseum.*

Me: wow.....

Elder: this is one of the main powers that you have, Instantaneous Teleportation. It enables you to teleport anywhere within a milliseconds time or less, and is totally untraceable, which means wherever you teleport to cannot be discovered by anyone else, except another dreaming, maybe....

Me: Cool! *I start to run around, and as I start to run, I become a blurr, moving at an accelerated speed, which is above the speed of sound* I didnt know those guys were so powerful....

Elder: Considering that they protect us, I certainly hope so....

Me: Yeah, I suppose so.... *I stop, use IT (Instantaneous teleportation) to appear above the Colosseum, and plummet downward, and in doing so, send a mighty punch into the ground, which makes the entire surface of the Colosseum floor break into large chunks of earth, breaking it up* Whoa, I have strength increase too....!!!

Elder: Yes, Indeed, basicly all of your Physical attributes have increased, you have gained better teleportation, better than those old portals anyways....

Me: hey! I like those...!!

Elder: I didnt say that they were not useful, just not as good for teleportation as the IT. Now for the second gift..... *the elder throws something at me, which I catch, discovering it is a scroll*

Me: whats the scroll for...?

Elder: Your Prophetic it....

Me: EAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

Elder: Yes, eat it....

Me: Alrighty.....*I look doubtfully down at the little rolled up scroll, wondering what on earth this was about, but not wanting to delay the elders, I stick it into my mouth, and close it. The instant that I place it into my mouth, I a wonderful sensation of taste, the scroll being as sweet as honey, and a glowing around suddenly appeared around me, and then disappeared, a second later. Even as I chewed a wealth of information, and experience flowed into my head, giving me the experience of a well seasoned Prophet that had battled for a 100 years. I suddenly am filled with new techniques with reality that I had never thought of before, never dreamed of* Wow, this is......amazing.....

Elder: Yes, that was sent to us not to long ago, just before you came.....someone....higher must have sent it....

Me: oh....thats...confusing....who or what do you mean by higher exactly...?

Elder: Im sure you will find out later....but for now, we must give you your last gift....this... *a small stone is produced from the aura around the Elders, the stone having small cracks all around it that make it look like the surface of the Grand Canyon (like small cracks that make large plates of earth all around it). The stone was emitting a faint bluish light, but was completely silent. The stone descends to me, and let it be set in my hand. The stone is extremely cold to the touch*

Me: Weird....

Elder: This is one of the two last of the Bunyip Stones that is currently in the Dream World, or this city anyways....these stones grant different powers to the....fuser....depending on the stone you have....this one is a Storm Element stone. Thrust it into your chest....

*I quickly thrust the little Bunyip stone into my chest, and as soon as it touches me, a sucking sound is emitted, and the stone disappears into my body*

Elder: this stone gives you powers over the weather in general, and also the elements most associated with it....but you must train with them....Now, you must get going....

Me: you said this is one of two Bunyip Stones, what about the second one...?

Elder: Ah yes, I almost forgot....the second goes to your protector...Miss Aida...*Another stone is produced, and this one glowing purple decended towards her, and floated there for her to take* This is one of the more rarer stones, a Reality Bunyip Stone. It gives the Fuser the ability to repair damaged reality, such as that that is made by Reality Destruction that Prophets wield. If someone where to ever create a tear in the fabric of reality, you will be able to fix it.....and also stop a Prophets RD if they are getting out of hand....Now you must leave, and dont forget to give the two Cosmics the message from us, oh and Mahk-x's daughter too, since I believe she may have also gained it....*A portal is made and I wait for you to step through* Ladies first...?

Elder:Oh, one more thing I forgot...! *He snaps his fingers, and a shape appears next to me, which turns out to be a two headed dog* He is your Familiar, hes quite powerful, so keep him with you and make sure to treat him nice otherwise it will cost go!

Me: KAY! *I continue to wait for Aida*

(Im going to post my new abilities since this is the close after you reply....)
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PostSubject: Re: New A Ranked Mission: Going To The Dream World!   

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New A Ranked Mission: Going To The Dream World!
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