Between the Light and Darkness Lies a Hidden Reality, the Control Panel of Existance, this is the Twilight
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 Twilight Statistics..

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Aida Vanguard
Twilight's Elemental Flare
Twilight's Elemental Flare
Aida Vanguard

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Twilight Statistics.. Empty
PostSubject: Twilight Statistics..   Twilight Statistics.. I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 06, 2009 7:27 pm

Again Higher ups, Comment if Im wrong...

Ok as it stands every genin can move at roughly the same speed, every genin can punch..or kick at roughly the same magnitude. To save time every genin and chunin have just about the same stats unless proved and stated otherwise...Now if your characters is older(not by age) but by length on the site then making your character faster..or stronger is ok. Also If he or she trains or whatever, an increase in stats are also ok

Here are some examples on what I am saying..

Genin 1:(has been on the site for 1hr) *i run around you at lightspeed*

This ninja is being what im going to call it a power bigot. No genin or chunin for that matter can move even close to that speed..An anbu saying he or she can move at lightspeed is unlikely.

Genin 2: (has been on a month) *i begin to run around you in a circle,becoming blurry with every passing second.*

This is what we call being descriptive. This ninja whats it to be noted that he is saying"Hey, im fast and my next move will be hard for you too dodge"..but he isn't steeping out of line.

NOTE: This does not mean you can do this too a jounin as a genin and expect it to work. This ticks people off and gives them the lee way too pwn you in the next post.

Genin one: *I rush at you at a blindingly fast speed. it would be impossible for you to stop me.*

Jounin one: *I cock back my fist and stick it out and you run into it so hard your mom wakes up.*

This is what happens when you disrespect people... It will only lead to you getting fucked up.
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Twilight Statistics..
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