Between the Light and Darkness Lies a Hidden Reality, the Control Panel of Existance, this is the Twilight
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 My Jutsu List

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PostSubject: My Jutsu List   My Jutsu List I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 17, 2009 2:04 pm

Mahk-X/Kham specializes in taijutsu. So the vast majority of his moves are physical in some way. His Ninjutsu base is mostly that of his advanceed earth bending where he synchronizes various motions ((stomping, arm motions, finger flicks arm thrusts)) to "bend" the earth to do whatever he wants


Global Fist: *Yellow energies surround Mahk-X's left or right arm, and he punches the opponent breaking the sounds barrier on the way* This punch is powered with seismic energy so it sends my opponent skipping across the ground if taken directly or blocked
((small note...almost everyone attempts to dodge this punch in some way))

Unstopable Force: *crimson energies are gathered chidori style into khams left arm...he then appears some distance away infront of the opponent and haymakers them elsewhere*
((small note...never usued this move))

Giga Unstopable Force: **special attack** *kham dbz charges the yellow seismic energies into his right arm and the power cosmic into the left...a giant house sized wispy crimson arm materializes on his right, and a yellow molten arm materializes on his left...kham then appears infront of his oppoenent and punches them repeadetly in rapid succession about 1,000 times*
((only used this move once...on kotonryu a final blow, event antagonist))

Stardust Breaker: *kham hopsteps back and white energies surround him ((the power cosmic)) the energies crackle with an extreme intensity...he then takes a track runners stance and takes off towards his opponent leaving a meteor sized crater in his wake...he instantly appears infront of his opponent and punches them skyward into the stratosphere he then trails them along the way continuing his blows with varios kicks and punches the white energies trailing them both...when they are in the stratosphere kham brings his heel upwards and boots his opponent back down towards earth*
My Jutsu List Th_Turn_It_Up__Diamond_Dust_by_Para-1

Cosmic Intervention: *kham takes a couple steps forward and the staticy cosmic energies surround him...he then leaps upward leaving a meteor sized crater in his wake...on the way up towards the stratosphere he spins and stops in mid air only to rotate downards...he then plummets towards the ground, and in a matter of 2 seconds kham hits the ground destorying everything withing a 100000 mile radius*
My Jutsu List Comet_by_Ayatola

Mahk Fist: *kham appears infront of his opponent and strikes a hyuuga simalar 8 trigrams stance...he then unloads 700 repeated global fists in a row knocking his oppoent back and forth into equililbrium...the last blow kham stops and charges a tsunade flick that sends the opponent flying for miles only to have their bodies shatter into a display of bones and carnage on the way*

Ninjutsu: I DONT DO HANDSIGNS!!! I earthbend...

Earthbending: Mahk-X would usually flick his wrist to do various earth like things...the result is whatever im feeling at the moment

Stardust: *kham concentrates a ball of the power cosmic in his hand...its a mix of diamond and seismic energy...he then winds up like a baseball player and hurls this softball sized ball of energy at his oppoenent...the ball weaves a golden trail but on contact the ball explodes slicing whatever it hit in a city sized dome 100000 times*
My Jutsu List Th_Comet_by_xmandypandyx

Crimson Devastation: *kham brings the power cosmic in his hand and compresses it into a small ball...mustering all of his strength kham breaks the ball and this is the result*
My Jutsu List Explosion_impact__by_freedomsslaver

World Breaker: the world breaker can either be done in the ground or above ground....when im above ground it takes less time and effort to execute but im more vulnerable, but when im in the earths core im protected *kham opens a tear in the earth and falls down the earths core instantly millions upon millions of sears tower sized silvery diamond arms converge on the target maiming them/crushing them whatever i want them to do*
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My Jutsu List
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