Between the Light and Darkness Lies a Hidden Reality, the Control Panel of Existance, this is the Twilight
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 Kay's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Kay's Jutsu   Kay's Jutsu I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 18, 2009 12:55 am

Kekki Genkai=Buryoki: My unique mysterious bloodlimit that is similar to Telekinesis but is stronger Also it uses the opponents force and momentum, energy and strength ect. against them, It also capable of MUCH more but unfortunatly i Know little about it so Im not that good to with it. It can also reverse the effects of things that comprimise it or make contact with it.

Afterimages: i use my speed and kekki genkai to create after images that i can soildify if i wanted giving all of them chakra and other humanly features.

Buryoki Bubble= I create Bubble like shield of Buryoki energy.

Buryoki Aura Update= I small aura stretching 6 meters away from Kay that is active at all times using little to no chakra. Anything that close to me is in my Aura zone, where i use my Buryoki to a far extent allowing me to see flaw or opening in an opponents attack or peroid.

Hitooshi= Kay's ability to cease control over the planets electro magnetic field. allowing her to push/ repel, or attract/ pull anything around her. She can repel with enough force to lay waste to a large express way. And she can pull with 1/3 of the force of a blackhole.
(Note: Kay can do this with much much less effort once the opponent is inside her buryoki field. SHe can actually create her own electro magnetic field inside her buryoki field)

Divine Speed=I'm able to utlize Divine speed. A speed which surpasses almost all kinds of speed.(All attacks that say mach speed replace it with divine speed)

Divine Crash= I move at divine speed with an untracible pattern

Mach Barrage= A long series of Bone crushing punches kicks and things of that nature all done at Divine speed surged with Oran chakra

Kuzu ryusen=(9 headed dragon strike) Using my speed i Can simutaniously slash the opponet 9 times with deadly strikes of my sword making dodging or guarding almost virtually impossible.

Beykotsa= I enter a stance of ultimate defense increasing my aura to a half a mile. Where close up attacks have no hope to pentrate my defenses (not including kham zk vash shiro and other high high ranking ninja sorry if i missed ya although its not impoosible for me to dodge or guard themt they still have a really good chance of hittting me)

Zero Sequence= This attack depends on if the opponent was already hit only seconds ago or is staggered, i strike before the opponent is able to recover, Slicing through them.the attack is so swifty done that it makes no sound or warning at all.

Oran's Chidori= I surge my whole arm with Oran's piercing chakra allowing me to pierce threw most barriers(Can cleave through titanium with ease).

Field of Abyss= I touch the ground and turn it into a seemingly endless fog of dark oran chakra. allowing kay the upper hand in various ways.

I am a complete Master of every single Martial Art and Judo including being a Master of the Druken Fist on a godly level.

Exploding clone Jutsu- nuff said

5 strikes of the Demon Snake- I send 5 strikes and punches to areas around your heart at certain spots making either the blood stop circulating, paralyzes you, or explode your heart

Meteor Kick- I charge a large amount of Celestrial Power into her leg and kick the opponent hard enough to send them into the core of the Earth. if blocked by hand it will brake the arms

I can use the Lotus as well, and activate the gates without looking stupid and without the strain

Primary Lotus-I dash in a circle around the opponent ay mach 9 creating a dome of Oran Chakra around them trapping them inside, As I Mach hop under them and kick them in the chin into far far far the sky using the momentum of my running as I then mach hop to their location as I Paralyze them and wrap my Mechanical Arm around them and begin spinning as I dive bomb crash the opponent into the Ground.

Forward Lotus- I run around the opponent the same way as Primary Lotus as I flip kick the opponent into the sky and continously kick them higher and higher and higher into the sky each kick having 500,000 volts of Oran chakra until we reach the Stratusphere as I then Primary lotus them to the ground

Hidden Lotus- Don't feel like Explaining

Zero Beats- A punch at almost undodgeable speeds mixed with every single form of Martial Arts and Judo making the punch completely unpredictable strong enough to crush a montain with a single blow.

Solace Strike- Not RevealedQunatum Toss- I grab the opponent an Send 300,000 volts of Oran Chakra through them paralyzing them as I throw them into the ground so hard it could brake multiple bones or I can swing them multiple

Qualitive Strike- I kick or Punch the Opponent simutaniously every where on their body and the attack is strong enough to tear through steel

Qualitive Chidori- Same as Qualitive strike but with a chirdori making the attack the more devestating

Amakakeru Ryƫ no Hrameki- A strike of the sword so fast it seems instantaneous and adding to that the sword is swung so fast that it creates a small void that vaccums you toward the blade making it impossible to dodge. especially since the follow up of the attack is me striking you almost 1000 times using the momentum of the first slash to make it Instanteous

Amakakeru State: not revealed

Kirin- A bolt of Oran chakra orthat can predict your movements and is as big as the sear tower and strikes you at almost undodgeable speed or an actual bolt of lightning thats sky scraper size that moves at an undodgable speed

Cry of the Gods- Bolts of Oran chakra the size of meteors strike the ground every where being only inches apart and won't cease until I say

Buryoki Crush- I create a field of Buryoki and Compress it on you crushing your body

Chidori Sentinal- I create a Huge Chidori and send it into the sky and make it float like a huge orb of Lighting as It lashes out at everything that moves with over a 1,000,000 volts

Buryoki Skin- I make Buryoki Coat my skin

Rage Bomb- A bomb no bigger than a lima bean. Once Detonated it makes an explosion of Celestrial Power and True Oran Chakra and the thats strong enough to level a small city and then some.

Sateillite Cannon-I mold a small sateillite out of Lightning and send it to the sky and floats into space. It then begins to grow vastly in size by the minute and will continue to grow until it's the size of a large sateillite firing a devestating blast

Dark Mine-I charge a certain part of my body (preferably my blade) with dark chakra as I do handsigns at a speed that blurrs as I spin around shooting out orbs in every dirsection that stand idol floating covering the entire area. If some one is to touch one of the mines it will create an explosion and chain reaction causing you into blow up into the next mine or I could explose them all causing a massive explosion

Celestrial Malestrom: Kay appears above the planets clouds and manipulate planets electro magnectic field so thats power is visable (looks like a grid) trapping the opponent inside the planet preventing escape. She then begins moving her body like a conductor making celestrial lightning bolts the size of the sears tower strike wherever she wants.
Dark Oran Portals- Thanks to oran I can create bluish blackish portals that allows her instantaneous transmission to wherever Kay pleases (KH2 style)

Nexsis Crisis- I Trap the battle field and everything around me(Including the opponent) In a very uber large complete Dome of True Oran Chakra and Infuses the dome with Buryoki and Celestrial Power to prevent escape . The area is completely Dark and inside the dome and seemingly endless, I am given the upper hand in a variety of ways including the fact that I can use attacks without much chakra use because I can draw chakra from the All around the Dome itself. Also contact with the dome at all will result in decay in a more severe and swift way.

Eternal Black Jaws of The Endless Abyss: This is the attack Kay performed on Oran before absorbing his chakra and abilities completely. It was basically an uber advanced move she used to seal him inside her the first place but it uses way too much chakra. Kay concentrates and she creates giant gaping jaw with seemingly endless amount of fangs and teeth that opens up her entire torso but she must be in her trigger form to utilize this move. If eaten Kay digest and absorbs the persons chakra fusing it with her own and trapping the opponent in a endless blissful dream forever.

Omega Flare- This is an stronger version of Kays attack Mega Flare. It is an uber attack to say th least that could destroy over almost 100 acres of land but it taps Kays chakra pool.


mg]Kay's Jutsu Xionan10[/img]

And here is its second form

Kay's Jutsu 2d01i110[img
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Kay's Jutsu
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