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 Bloom's Jutsu List

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Bloom Han.
Anbu of the Twilight
Anbu of the Twilight
Bloom Han.

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PostSubject: Bloom's Jutsu List   Bloom's Jutsu List I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 18, 2009 2:33 pm

Lightning/Plasma Techs

Chidori-By focusing lightning chakra to her hands, bloom can thrust her palm at high speeds into a target or just on a target, causing the lightning chakra to surge into the target, and makes it easier for my hand to pierce through.
(From Naruto of course. But my description might be sloppy, hopefully you know what I mean?)

Lightning Dragon-After the hand signs, chakra of the electric variety pulses from my body and is projected forward. Lightning strikes from the sky to where my energy projected to, and I use my projected energy to forge the lightning into a dragon which can be sent after people.

Electric grip- by changing the electric charge in my body to either positive or negative, which ever the situation calls for, I can attract myself to a surface, keeping myself firm in one place or making me hard to knock back. I can make the charge opposite to send myself in the opposite direction for quick escapes.

Electric jump- By making my electric charge opposite or what ever object om the area, I can create a repelling affect, sending me away or in a different direction at great speeds.

Lightning rain-Not really rain...but After focusing lightning chakra(or just chakra) to my hands, I can fire small bursts of lightning at the speed of bullets. This works more effieciently and uses less chakra consumption when done with the Gun Blade. When done with gun blade, multiple shots can be fired at once.

Trans-form-This can be done with bliss in hand. With bliss's ability, I can create multiple blades of lightning to form around me, floating. If one desperse, another comes straight to my hand, they also can spin on there own while floating around me, cutting whoever gets too close.
(Its based off of byakyuya's bankai, true bankai, only smaller and way less swords.)

Debye screening-A barrier. it is pretty sturdy, being made from plasma too. Plasma comes from my pores like a gas and then solidifies to become a barrier infront or all around me. If its a lightning attacking heading my way, I can change the charge in the plasma barrier, and repell the lightning away before it even touches the barrier, let alone me. Other elements can't be reflected back of course, except positive water.

Double layer-A shield, doesn't cover whole body, only about 6 ft infront. This shield is made from 2 layers of plasma, and the shield has no charge. perfect for most attacks, can't guarantee something uber though.

Filamentation-I blast a beam of plasma from my finger tip(s). This does mean infact that it is a small beam, but concentrated. Because of the higher infraction of the laser beam to focus on the center, it is a self powering laser beam. It grows stronger as it goes, not bigger though.

Density-By breaking down the cellular structure in the area, the plasma can become more dense, making it harder to block because of weight, power, mass issues. Density can only cover a short distance now, of about 15 ft.

Temperature-By breaking down the cellular structure in the area, the temperature rises by 20 Celsius. With this extra heat, plasma moves become more dangerous along with lightning moves due to heating up the already speedy molecules. Tmperature can only cover a short distance now, of about 15 ft.

Magnetize-By breaking down the cellular structure in the area, I can have my lightning and/or plasma become an opposite charge of the target, after using it to put a magnetic field on the enemy first. this causes me to be able to have my lightning chakra/plasma moves attract to the target, following it for about a 40 ft distance, then the lightning or plasma would continue straight, for I can't maintain the magnetic field on the target for long. It must be done upclose on the enemy first to get the magnetic ions on them first.

Ultra Cold Plasma- Lasers begin trap and cool neutral atoms to temperatures of 1 mK or lower. Another laser then ionizes the atoms by giving each of the outermost electrons just enough energy to escape the electrical attraction of its parent ion. With this, Bloom can control Ultra cold plasma. This type of plasma works best against wind and air users, for mk is the melting point of helium and can by pass air without its stir. Creating Ultra cold plasma takes 15% of her chakra, not recommended for extended or spammy usage.

Particle beam- from Blooms hand(s) or her sword, and especially Countdown, she can shoot a particle beam of non-neutral plasma. this non-neutral plasma greatly strengthens lightning based moves of mine too. I don't have to make a particle beam, but it does drain about 1/5 of my chakra, very limited.

Magnetic fields- A magnetic field can be created by the positive and/or negative ions in the atmosphere. they capture plasma particles from time to time, slowly building.

Penning Trap-By having a constant magnet field in the area, particles from the plasma in the air, or released by me, will begin to form there. With the plasma particles all in one place like so, I can motion for it to explode. The magnet fields can't be moved around when plasma gases are forming to them like this, so the explosions are all predetermined.

Arc Discharge- By multiplying the amount of plasma particles in my plasma, I can drastically increase its temperature up to 10,000 K, hot enough to even reducing rock and granite to a liquid. The plasma takes on a red color when Arc discharge is being used. With this move fire and lightning moves can be repelled and sent out faster and hotter than before.

Corona Discharge-By bringing the molecules from plasma together, I can turn it to a solid and mold it to anything I desire. The shape and size depends on the amount of chakra used in it. Burns heavily on contact. Perfect for sheilding against wind, light, darkness and even earth

Earth bending techs

Earth bending- Manipulating earth. this can become very limited depending on the enviroment, since metal bending would take a long time to get the hang of. With earth bending, this naturally brings in an ability to manipulate plants for Bloom. It's simple, but can be used in devastating ways if done right, but my earth bending could use work, for I am a lightning gal.X3

Dusty plasma-By mixing the earth I use with plasma, it becomes somewhat similar to space dust, which also contains plasma. The earth I use this way can be used like plasma, or I can simply use the earth as a plasma charged weapon.

Fusion-Mixing dusty plasma with lightning, creating something very powerful, since the earth would become plasma, which can be used with lightning. I have yet to master this, of figure out how to use it. Maybe with help and training, it may become known.
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Bloom's Jutsu List
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