Between the Light and Darkness Lies a Hidden Reality, the Control Panel of Existance, this is the Twilight
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 Bloom's Arsenal

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Bloom Han.
Anbu of the Twilight
Anbu of the Twilight
Bloom Han.

Number of posts : 46
Age : 32
Location : Twilight
Registration date : 2009-04-18

PostSubject: Bloom's Arsenal   Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:34 pm

A couple of weapons used by Bloom.....were-to-start.
Gun Blade

This is Bloom's gun blade. It is about 5 ft in length, and Shes grown accustomed to its weight. I can trigger the gun blade to shoot at will, and it can be summoned with a scroll, if she doesn't already have it with her.

Valkyrie braces
(lol, not the girl, but the blades.)
My Valkyrie equips, mainly goes by Val. These blades on the braces can come up to 12 (thats 6 on each brace) and they are like mostly charged with plasma. They can extend and retract by her thoughts, and they are the braces on Bloom's legs.


A giant gun. this gun can fire a big bang shot of lightning and/or plasma. this drains Bloom 1/2, so only two shots can be done...for now. the gun would poof away. It must MUST be summoned, no other way to get it out. blood is needed to summon it. (its about 10 ft length)For a chakra save use, It can instead be used as a machine gun, shooting 50 rounds a second


Bloom's main sword. This sword has been with Bloom ever since she was young, and it has a special trait. It can create a replica of itself out of the energy surged into it. this is for dual purposes.
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Bloom Han.
Anbu of the Twilight
Anbu of the Twilight
Bloom Han.

Number of posts : 46
Age : 32
Location : Twilight
Registration date : 2009-04-18

PostSubject: Re: Bloom's Arsenal   Sun Apr 19, 2009 12:35 am

Inazuma bullets

These bullets have special properties each, but they all look the same.
This makes it more difficult to decipher what bullet will be used next:

A shot-This is a normal bullet for one. It can also be charged by my lightning,
to make it go faster and farther. It reflects off of the magnetic fields I
set up, so I have a small analysis of where it will end up.

B shot-Unlike shot A, this shot reflects in general. It bounces off of surfaces
because it has a miniature field of ions around it, so once I drop the field, it can stop bouncing and now it can pierce.

C shot-An explosive bullet. It explodes on impact, but with a slight manipulation
of the neutral ions in it, I can delay the explosion,
not by much yet.

D shot-This bullet uses my chakra when it is shot. The chakra on it
spirals, making it like a flying drill that can pierce through most
objects with no trouble. I need to learn how to make it explode
after it digs
in the target, like rasegan.

F shot- This is called shot "F" for fail-safe. It's not a bullet, but a
small screen. The plasma ions charged in the gun shoot out a cloud of ions,
seemily invisible. It can change to the opposite charge of the incoming
object, repelling it. Since its from the gun blade, it's not that big,
and it can't stand up that well against big moves, but on the plus side
it comes out quick. The time in which a bullet is shot.
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Bloom's Arsenal
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