Between the Light and Darkness Lies a Hidden Reality, the Control Panel of Existance, this is the Twilight
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 Jutsu of Tatsu Suki

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Chunin of Twilight

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PostSubject: Jutsu of Tatsu Suki   Jutsu of Tatsu Suki I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 25, 2008 1:56 am

Sharingan: Reveals stolen sharingan eye.
Jutsu of Tatsu Suki Sharingan
Byakugan: Reveals stolen byakugan eye.
Jutsu of Tatsu Suki Byakugan
Secret Art of 100 Eyes:Reveals 100 eyes on my body.

Eye Transplant Jutsu:I can place eyes anywhere.

Blinding Genjutsu: Places opponents in a illusion of pure light where they can see because the light is too bright.

Secret Seal: Eye Thief Technique: I can steal an eye that has an ocular jutsu and replace it with one of my normal eyes. Once I have stolen the ocular jutsu, I can reporduce the jutsu I have stolen, in any of my eyes.

Earth Style: Earth Suffication Jutsu: the enemies sink intp the earth and are stuck there while being continuely sufficated.

Earth Style:Earth Grid Jutsu: I put my chakra into the ground around me in a grid like shape, if anyone touches it I can feel it.

Earth Clone Jutsu: Obivious

Earth Style:Giant Earth Ripple Jutsu: I hit the ground in front of me and a giant ripple of earth goes out from me.

Earth Style: Mud Pit Jutsu: Forms a mud pit that has sticky mud in it that will swallow you up.

Earth Style: Earth Spikes Jutsu: Forms small earth spikes anywhere on the ground that i want.

Earth Style: Spinning Mud Blast Jutsu:shoots a large amount of spinning mud at you.

Earth Style: Mud Inferno Jutsu: i can set any mud on fire.

Infinite Cage of Darkness: Covers opponent in a mound of earth and seals it shut making it very hard to escape.

Infinite Death of Darkness: earth in the cage forms large spikes, and tries to stab the enemy.

Earth Movement: A passive ability the allows me to sink into the earth, and then pop back out wherever, almost like teleporting, but more of me becoming earth, and then reforming somewhere else. (Think of like Zetsu, when hes coming in and out of the earth all the time)

Water Style: Water Worm Current: like the water dragon, only a worm instead.

Water Style: Water Spout: creates a mini-tornado of water, can create more than one.

Water Style: Water Prison: Makes a sphere of water around the opponent to entrap them.

Water Style: Water Wave: Makes a high wave of water, or waves of water, rise up, and try to crash down upon opponents, washing them away.

Water Style: Rip Current: Makes the water that an opponent is standing on suck them down in a fury of a current. It is very fast, and strong, able to suck a elephant down in a few seconds. Even underwater, it keeps sucking the thing caught in it downward, to drowned it if possible.

Water Style: Water Barricks Jutsu: Makes a wall of water shoot up around me, and friends, to protect us, from every angle.

Water Style: Water Pulse Jutsu: Makes the water vapor in the air form into a disk/bubble shape, that flies at the opponent. I can create it almost anywhere, not just right besides me.

Summoning Jutsu: I can summon giant worms that have lots of eyes like me and can reveal and retract them like me.

Worm Spew: worm spits burning acid

Worm Suffication: worm sufficates you

Worm Swallow: Worms will eat you and digest you in burning acid

Worm Self-Destruct: Worm can self destruct destroying everything in a radius depending on the size of the worm.

Byakugan Style Arts:


8 trigrams 64 Palms

8 Trigrams Rotation: larger rotation than that of the origanal rotation.

8 Trigrams 128 Palms

Gentle Fist Taijutsu

8 Trigrams Earth Palm: A Palm strike that is able to destroy even the hardest of earth structures. Shoots large amount of chakra in one direction.
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Jutsu of Tatsu Suki
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