Between the Light and Darkness Lies a Hidden Reality, the Control Panel of Existance, this is the Twilight
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 Frozen Attacks

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Retsu Isakuru
Jounin of the Twilight
Jounin of the Twilight
Retsu Isakuru

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PostSubject: Frozen Attacks   Frozen Attacks I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 19, 2009 12:35 am

Known Elements-Ice, Wind, and Water

Ice Moves:

Ice Element: One Horned White Whale: After forming the needed hand signs, a gigantic horned white whale made of ice will form in the air and come thundering down on an opponent, crushing them and the surrounding area under its large mass.

Ice Element: Black Dragon Blizzard: After forming the needed hand signs, I will thrust my arm to send out a black ether-like dragon to strike my opponent. As it flies through the air it will begin to turn thus gaining speed and power.

Ice Element: Fierce Ice Tiger: After forming the needed hand signs, an ice tiger will form and strike out against its target. Its cold nature can freeze any nearby water, and its large mass can cause a large amount of damage when it impacts.

Ice Element: Ice Prison Technique: I will touch the ground, causing columns of ice to rise from the ground at my foe. If caught, the ice will rise up around my target and imprison them.

Ice Element: Twin Dragon Blizzard: After forming the needed hand signs, I will thrust both my arms to send out twin black ether-like dragons to strike my opponent. As they fly through the air they will begin to turn, creating a large dark tornado around my opponent.

Ice Element: Snow Storm Swallows: I will create ice swallows, which I can launch at my opponent. As they fly through the air, these deadly birds can hone in on their target.

Ice Element: Blizzard Wind Jutsu: By using my ice abilities and scythe I will spin my scythe creating a large twister of ice and snow that will head towered my opponent.

Frozen Cloud: By using my ice abilities I will create a large light blue cloud that I can launch at my opponent. The air in the cloud is so cold that when it comes in contact with someone’s skin they would slowly start to freeze until frozen solid.

Ice Ring: By using my ice abilities I will create a ring of ice around my opponent that can bind my opponent and also shrink until they are crushed.

Great Crimson Ice Ring: This move is a stronger version of my ice ring which creates one that is mixed with my liquid nitrogen blood that when bind by it can cause the person can be frozen.

Ice Arrow: I will create a large ice bow and then then use it to fire multiple ice arrows. Although these ice arrows are charged with ice energy so when every they hit anything they explode releasing a large burst of ice energy that will freeze the are it hits.

Ice Element: Ice Armor: This move will create an armor of ice around my body, I can also cause blades and spikes to sprout out of the armor to be used for attack and defense.

Ice Element: Ice Clone: This move creates physical clone that are made from ice, when these clones are hit they will release a large blizzard that can freeze or blow away my opponent.

Ice Sphere: This move creates a dome of ice around me to protect me from most attacks this wall can also be formed around my opponent for attacking or containment.

Ice Element: Dragon Hail Storm: I will make some hand signs and then create a ball of ice and then fire it into the air. Once in the air a large cloud will form overhead and then thousands of ice dragons will rain down on my opponent.

Ice Saber: After making the right hand signs I will concentrate ice and chakra into my hand and my hand will form into a large ice blade. I will then swing the ice blade (hitting my opponent or not) and release a large wave of snow and ice that can quickly freeze my opponent.

Ice Disk: I will use the moisture particles in the air and from them into multiple ice disks. They can be hurled with tremendous force at a target and are hard to dodge because of their transparency. They can also be used defensively, creating highly durable shields or disks to stand on to hover in the air.

Ice Element: Ice Ball: With this move I will make a ball of ice that is mixed with my chakra, so when it hits my opponent it will explode and freeze the area it hit.

Ice Element: Frozen Obelisk: I will create a large ogre like monster that will attack my opponent with its powerful strength. After training with Jace the ogre is now extremely heat resistance.

Ice Gauntlets: With a mixture of my blood and ice element I will create large gauntlets of ice around my arm. These gauntlets have great strength and also they can release large burst of ice energy freezing what they hit.

Renegade Hail: I will create large hail stones and launches them at an opponent impaling them or doing blunt force damage.

Ice Quake: I will punch the ground releasing a massive amount of ice energy causing the ground to freeze. I would then add more ice energy causing ice spikes to rise from the ground around my opponent.

Swallowing Avalanche: I will release a large amount of my ice energy or use Hyouton's causing water vapor in the air around me to become snowflakes and amasses into a big avalanche that crushes everything in its path.

Ice Titan: With this I will draw in all of the water and water vapor in the area around me creating a gigantic monster made of ice and water. The giant posse’s enormous strength and can release large waves of ice and water from its body. While it in out on the battle field I will ether be on top of the titan or within it controlling it with my own movements.

Water Moves:

Water clone: This will create a physical clone out of the water around me, after being hit it will turn back into a puddle of water.

Water Element: Water Geyser Jutsu: This will cause large amount of water would shoot up into the air, from under my opponent’s feet being a surprise attack.

Water Element: Water Wall: This move will create a large wall of water around me blocking most attacks, it is very affective on any fire based move.

Violent Water Wave: After forming the needed hand seals, I will expel a strong jet of water from my mouth at my opponent.

Water Element; Water Dragon: This will create a large dragon of water that will fly toward my opponent at a fast speed to strike them.

Water Element Water Wave: This move will cause the water around me to form into a large wave that will come crashing down onto my opponent. The force of this attack can change the area into a more watery battlefield.

Water Spout Twister: With this move I will summon a large volume of water that would then begin to violently spin. As the twister of water spins it will launch out large blast of water that will ether shoot out from every direction of will focus on my opponent.

Water Cutter: I will release a large blade like slash of water from my hand that has the ability to cut though rock with no problem.

Wind Moves:

Wind Element; Wind Current: This move will cause a wave of air to engulf my enemy or blow them away.

Wind Blade: This move will cause the air to sharpen like a sword and cut through my enemies.

Wind Element: Drilling Air Bullet: I will create a large ball of air in my hand and I would then thrust the ball forward releasing ether a large wave of mini destructive ball of air or I will launch the one large ball that will grow in size as it moves closer to my opponent.

Spiraling Wind Ball: With this jutsu I will breathe wind-infused chakra into the palm of my hand, shaping it into a small ball shape whirlwind. I will then shoot it at my opponent. This jutsu is very fast and very powerful capable of smashing through thick rock.

Wind Release: Dragon Wave Palm: A powerful jutsu that uses large amounts of wind nature chakra in the form of a large slash that can cut and slash through almost any material.

Wind Release: Pressure Damage: I will emit a large wind blast from my mouth. The target's body will be crushed within the immense pressures, as well as be torn to shreds.

Pressure Punch/Kick: Smaller to Wind Release: Pressure Damage I will charge my hands/feet with a large amount of wind chakra. I would then begin to try and punch and kick my opponent each hit containing a large amount of wind pressure that could crush my opponent due to the immense pressures around my feet and fists.
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Frozen Attacks
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