Between the Light and Darkness Lies a Hidden Reality, the Control Panel of Existance, this is the Twilight
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Shiro Kazuma

Shiro Kazuma

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PostSubject: Shiro's Arsenal   Shiro's Arsenal I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 25, 2009 9:49 am

This is the new and improved jutsu list. Since I never really was serious with mine it’s about time I got serious no?

Kekkei Genkai- Elemental Control: Simply put, Shiro is an elementalist. Although all ninja can use each element in jutsu, Shiro is able to use elements at will. There is an eye for each of the elements for Shiro releases what is called a “spirit”. When the spirit is released, his eyes change to the color that represents each element. The elements of course are Fire, Wind, Lightning, Water, Earth, Light (Holy), Darkness, and Energy (Natural).

Spirits unlocked:


Of course my techniques are never limited to what I’ve posted, for if I have an idea, I will come up with a technique on the spot. Now here are the basics.

Dragon Howl- By swinging a blade at a high speed, the motion creates a sonic boom that can on contact impair an opponent’s hearing and focus.

Nine-Headed Dragon Strike- This is an attack that deals nine strikes simultaneously at an incredible speed that cannot be read by regular sight. These nine strikes are dealt to the nine most fundamental channels of chakra leaving the opponent virtually defense and dodging virtually impossible.

Dragon’s Breath- A massive ball of flames is emitted from Shiro’s mouth. Within the flame, Shiro is also able to send balls of fire from the initial ball.

Diamond Dust- Using any moisture within the air, they are turned into pure ice crystals, then turn into a shower raining down on an opponent after Shiro snaps his fingers.

Dragon Dive: Leaping into to an extreme height in the air, Shiro goes into a bomb dive while engulfed in flames basically turning himself into a blazing javelin that upon impact, results in an exploding ball of flame.
Earth Rave: Striking the ground, Shiro is able to rise the earth and rock from below along with moisture turning it into a tidal wave of mud.

Energy Rain: Filling both of his hands with a compressed electric energy, Shiro can emit the stored energy in beams of pure lightning that will explode when touched and upon impact. Who ever is struck also has an increased chance of being paralyzed from the intensity of the lightning.

Running Fire- Using pure fire chakra, Shiro generates jets of fire that race towards an opponent and surrounds them in a flaming whirlwind. The flames can be made stronger with the effect of wind elemental attacks.

Mausoleum Earth Dumpling- Shiro strikes the ground overturning the earth into a large dumpling shape chunk of earth the size of a mausoleum. Either using a mass amount of chakra of brute strength, the user can lift the large rock and hurl it at anyone he pleases.

Mud Slide- Shiro transforms the ground into a powerful flowing mudslide instantly simply plowing through whatever stood in front of it or swept away anyone standing on the ground in which is transformed.

Earth Dome Prison- Shiro can create a dome of rock surrounding an opponent, then placing his hands against the dome is able to suck the chakra from whom ever is trapped inside bringing it to himself. Also using his own chakra, Shiro is able to repair any damage done from within by who is trapped within. This is not everlasting for it does have limits. Being a dome made of rock, Shiro can also create spires the shoot from the sides like small arrows.

Gaia's Fury- Vines rise from the ground grabbing hold of whomever taking away mobility, then Shiro simply begins thrashing the person trapped with power blows. He then ends it by surrounding his hand in a green chakra and striking the ground making a giant fist of rock uppercut the shit out of someone sending them into the air.

Flames of Hell- Shiro creates two massive flames that take the forms of Ifrit. Each of the flames are like clones and can move and attack at Shiro’s will. The flames can also be used as bombs, for with a single snap, Shiro uses the chakra within the Ifrit flames and cause them to explode in a fiery ball.

Hadouken- This is simply a powerful and quick moving blast of pure lightning that can be in the shape of a beam or a ball.

Buster Wolf- Shiro can use this attack at will and uses it very often. Using a blue flame, he engulfs his hand in it and punches. The punch he sends is increased in both power and speed, for this attack uses both momentum and a massive amount of strength mixed with an intense speed allows Shiro to deliver a bone shattering blow.

Gun Flame- Shiro strikes the ground, and then fiery burst combust from the ground shooting off like fireworks basically. The bursts contain flaming rocks that when the burst emits from the ground, the flame delivers an impact like a shotgun.

Volcanic Viper- Getting low to the ground, Shiro bursts forward covered in flames, picking up speed and plowing through whatever is sent his way. (i.e. arrows, kunai, etc.) Then within inches of his target, he springs off the ground in a spiraling uppercut. (Uhhmmm.. This is Sol Badguy's move for any Guilty Gear Fans out there. XD)

Sacred Vail- Shiro creates a seal on the ground turning the area within the seal into holy ground. The seal can draw out any Dark chakra and absorb it inside. As the seal remains on the ground, and use of Dark elements are basically useless.

Volcanic Press- The earth splits allowing molten rock to rise from the ground. It emits in a fountain effect shaping into a pair of hands and closing around a target, encasing it within. Then, Shiro simply let’s the hands clasp together, swallowing everything inside in the molten rock.

Wolves of Gaia- A summoning jutsu that summons a pack of wolves rising from the ground. This jutsu can only be used on the earth being that the wolves as made from the soil. They are both quick and speed and each posses a great defense as their bodies are as tough as adamant.

Frozen Burial- Using any source of water, the water surrounds an opponent in a sphere, then Shiro drops the temperature almost instantly freezing the opponent inside. The ice is very fragile, therefore any forceful way i.e. trying to bust them out with a sword, will shatter the sphere along with whoever is inside.

Shining Bullet- Shiro is covered in a bright white light as if his body turned into light itself, then he shoots forward in a spiral at intense speeds running down whatever stood in his path.

Bushido- The Bushido was a flame chakra that is sent through the ground and targeted the chakra signature of any opponents within range. Once the chakra reached whoever was on the ground, it releases in a powerful explosion. (For better picture, this is similar to Auron’s first overdrive for anyone who played FFX)

Time Dome- This is a technique tought by Kham. Using what is known as Chrono chakra, Shiro can create a blue dome surrounding him that basically slows the time within it. This jutsu comebined with Shiro's very speed ifs deadly, especially for those who may be within the dome when it is realesed. .

Of course, along the way more things will be added to this list and once again I DO NOT LIMIT MY JUTSU TO WHAT I’VE POSTED HERE SO BE WARNED.

Spirit of Archangels- Shiro combines his spirit with the power of Tyrael, as the wings of light form on his back. This is a holy transformation, granting Shiro great increases in speed and Light elemental attacks.

Dragon Install: This is a transformation that can be used when Shiro's fire sprirt is released. There are three steps.. First Flame., Second Flame. and Final Flame aka Dragon Install. Each step is a small installment of a Dragon's spirit, increasing Shiro's Fire Element dramatically. This transformation also dramatically increases his speed and strength.

Just thought I'd add another quick note.

Shiro is a very adverse in his fighting style. He is both strong when it comes to hand-to-hand and when it comes to weapons. His speed is incredible since he was taught by the fastest in the Nightmare: ZK. So let it be known that Shiro's speed is nearly unmatched. That does not mean he cannot be passed up by someone else. But he is no where near slow. So if you think you can keep up to him in terms of speed, then yea... Make sure you know what you're getting into. Also, being an elementalist, Shiro uses each of the elements as he chooses. They will not always be used in the form of jutsu mainly because of his Kekkei Genkai. That is all. XD
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Shiro Kazuma

Shiro Kazuma

Number of posts : 11
Registration date : 2009-04-24

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PostSubject: Re: Shiro's Arsenal   Shiro's Arsenal I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 25, 2009 10:07 am

Ok.. I definatelt got sick of my last avi so now THIS IS THE NEW ME! YEY! it suits me better no?

Shiro's Arsenal Spiral10
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Shiro's Arsenal
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