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 Chizuni's Jutsu

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Chizuni Shiku

Chizuni Shiku

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PostSubject: Chizuni's Jutsu   Chizuni's Jutsu I_icon_minitimeSun May 03, 2009 12:13 am

Chakra Nartures are Water and Earth

Kekkei Gankai: Kujo (entropy control)

Kujo is the ability to completely control anything that makes matter break down: poisons, toxins, bacteria, diseases, microbes, and anything that makes this decay and breakdown. My entire body is filled with all these things, but they do not harm me. Im completely immune to all types of poisons, diseases, microbes, toxins, venoms, etc. It can also be described as Entropy, which is the tendacy for anything and everything to move toward a random disorder, but I make it happen in a much faster rate, so yeah.

Kujo-ku: this is the most powerful form of Entropy. Its has the look of burning green fire, that has green smoke. The Kujo-ku, though resembles fire in every way is not a fire. It consumes anything and everything and breaks it down, and decays it to simplest form. The Kujo-ku does not burn, and it does not affect me. The smoke off the Kujo-ku is greenish and extremely toxious. If a single wiff of it could kill you instandly. It can break down energy as well. This is the first form that kujo-ku comes in, and is the primary form, and is also refered to as the plasma form of Kujo-ku.


Kitai-ku: Gas form of the kujo-ku. It is a smoky substance that usually proceeds the kujo-ku, as the kujo-ku is in plasma form, and some of it turns to the gasious form, which is extremely toxic, one wiff would totally destroy a persons lungs out. being it is in a gas form, can be used as a very dangerous wind of sorts.

Ekitai-ku: Liquid form of Kujo-ku, a super toxic acid of sorts, still able to break things down to simplist form, atoms, it is a rarer form of kujo-ku, as it is two forms down from the original. Can be made to act like water, as it is a liquid, sort of.

Katai-ku: Soild form of Kujo-ku, it is the rarest seen form of kujo-ku, simply because its on the opposite side of the matter spectrum from the original. It is pretty much indestructable, as anything that touches it will be broken down into simplest form, atoms. Can be used as earth, as its in solid form.

Note: I can switch the form of any of the ku's at will, from Plasma form to soild form and back if I so wish.

Other kekkei gankai technique:

Ninja Art: Toxic Fog: I breath out a large cloud of toxic gas is expelled out of my mouth. It hangs in the air for a long period of time.

Kujo-ku Spread: I hit the ground and spread the greenish fire into the ground. It can burst upward at my very command.

Infect Wound: I make any flesh wounds that the opponent has infect instantly with the bacteria, in their body and in the air. The area of the would begins to rot and fall off.

Kujo-ku Disinagration: i spread the greenish fire over any suface and it begins to rot and fall apart in seconds. Can literatly consume and destroy anything, any element, including lightning and fire.

Kujo-ku Chakra Leach: Any technique that my opponent uses can be leached of chakra, by destroying the chakra inside it.

Kujo-ku Aura: I spread the Kujo-ku all over my body so as to protect me from any taijutsu or some ninjutsu moves. Can also use it sto walk through walls, and other barriers.

Plague: A huge amount of Kujo-ku is spread in every direction, from my body outward, even downward and upward, destroying and decaying everything that is touched.

Corruption: I use the kujo-ku to corrupt anything and take it under my complete control. Anything that is corrupted is turned a light greenish color.

Radiation: I can cause the rapid breakdown of atoms, releasing alpha, beta, or gamma radiation, which can be very destructive.

Earth Style Jutsu:

Swamp Creation: A large swamp is created with much mud, that sucks anything into it. Trees are also created in it.

Swamp Entombment: The swamp sucks you down into the mud and muck and sufficate you underneath the muck.

Mud Dragon Missile: A large missile or mud take the shape of a dragon, and shoots at the opponents and hits them away from me.

Mud Wall Jutsu: A wall of mud form s around me to protect me from missiles and jutsu.

Headhunter Jutsu: obivous

1000 Earth Needles Jutsu: 1000 needles made from mud is shot at the opponent from all directions and the needles harden while airborn.

Swamp Clones: Clones make of muck, mud and water. when one is hit it splats apart and then reforms from the mud. Can divide when hit to counter-attack.

Water Style Jutsu:

Giant Whirlpool jutsu: A huge whirlpool sucks the water downward and anyone touching the water is immediately sucked down into it.

Water Whip: A grab water that forms into a whip that can be changed in shape and size and can hit the opponent away.

Water Wall Jutsu: A wall of water surrounds me that protects me from most jutsu, but especially fire jutsu.

Water Shock Wave: A shock wave of water shoots outward from me in all directions, sending anyone backward away from me.

Water Prison Jutsu: I imprison my opponent in a orb of water that cannot be broken unless I let go of it.

Water Dragon Missile: A large missile of water launches at the enemy in the form of a dragon.

1000 Water Needles Jutsu: 1000 water needles are shot at the opponent from all directions.

Dark Mist: Much like hidden mist jutsu but the mist is actually mucky and black in color so its much more dense and hard to see through. Can even block out Doujutsu (Eye based jutsu, Sharingan, Byakugan, etc)

Wood Jutsu: by combining water and earth chakras, I can use wood jutsu.

Wood Spires: long spires of wood that are quite strong, and durable, while still very flexable.

Wood Needles: A barrage of wood needles.

Wood Forest Creation: Creates a large area of trees in any shape I desire, usually in a wall form, as to protect me, bu there can be others.

Overgrowth: Makes the trees that I create and the ones already there, grow expansively outward, making it almost impossible to move around, or to hit me with a move.

Mushroom Art: Can grow, and control special poisonous mushrooms. They are bluish in color, and are quite powerful, more study than normal wood.
Chizuni's Jutsu 1f2924dda75b0f6113394010fae96f1f

Mushroom Forest: Makes 20 ft mushrooms grow up in a close formation creating a forest like atmosphere.

Mushroom Spore Spread: millions of tiny, almost microscopic spores are released from each mushroom, covering a large area totally with them, they spout new mushrooms where they land. If inhaled, they will grow mushrooms inside of the person, and can also be very toxic to the respertory system.

Mushroom Spore Spikes: Each mushroom releases bigger spores which are very sharp, and can easily slice through steel. They are bigger than the other spores that reporduce, but these can also reporduce new mushrooms. They are almost indestructable, as they are resistant to the elements.

Mushroom Eater: Makes a large man-eating mushroom that can easily swallow a man whole. It also consumes chakra at a very fast rate, so most jutsu dont work against it. The eater can have up to 10 heads, which can separate themselves and become new eaters.
Chizuni's Jutsu Man_eating_plant-218x300

Mushroom Acid: Mushrooms can spew acid from themselves which can easily burn through steel, and can be released from any part of the mushrooms.

Mushroom Armor: By making spores on the surface of the skin, the spore spikes, it creates an armor like that is very hard and strong. The armor retains the powers of the Spore Spikes above.

Medical Jutsu:

Palm Healing: can heal wounds with a palm of mistical healing chakra.

Chakra Scalpel

Other Jutsu:

Summoning Jutsu: I summon poison-dart frogs of all different sizes, that can excret poison from their skin and have very long sticky poisonious tongues. I also can summon snakes of all sizes and shapes. Can summon both, quite easily, sometimes even with only focusing chakra.

Hyra Summon: Summon large serpent that has a regenerative ability, that whatever gets chopped, or blown off, usually its head, grows back 3 times the former. Can split then into three different snakes or stay that way. Also has a tail like a rattle snake. Very venomous, poison can kill a blue whale in a half an hour, which is the biggest mammal known. Has scales that resist most kinds of damage. Its a type of dragon as well though liooks more like a snake, so it can breath fire, ice, and Poison gas,
Chizuni's Jutsu UO_Hydra

Striking Shadow Snake: Snakes are summoned out of my Sleeve that can grab and bite and poison opponents. Can also use to lift myself up to stuff.

Fury of Medusa: My hair is relpaced with snakes that can stretch almost indefinitly. Poisonous.

Poison Dart-Frog Subsitution: Can replace myself with the frogs to protect against against an attack. Go somewhere else after preforming it. Close relation to a clone made of the frogs.

The Nymph Witches taught me many of their magic techniques and I also gained many of their physical atttributes during training with them. These are also used by the Nymphs themselves. I can also summon any number of the witches to me, since they are in my service.


Super Human Strength

33.3% lightspeed

500% normal healing factor


Levitation/Telekinesis:Object manipulation

Telepathy: Mind-reading/control/communication

Transfiguration: Can influence transformations in most objects/animals/plants

Teleportation: Can teleport self and near by objects.

Portal Creation: Can create portals to other dimensions

Summon Spirit: Can summon spectral beings to assist me. The spirits can possess objects and animals as well. they appear as a bluish-green floating robed figure, that is translucent.

Mood Swing: the weather and nature around me is affected by the current mood im in, which i can use to my benefit.
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Chizuni's Jutsu
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