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 Okashi's Jutsu List of Candy!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Okashi''s Jutsu List of Candy!!!!!!!!   Sat May 16, 2009 11:11 pm

Kekkei Gankai: Satou: the ability to freely manipulate sugar that is in any form. Example: glucose, fructose, sucrose, cellulose, starches, etc....
With this ability, I can shape sugar, or whatever is made of sugar, in almost anything else made of sugar, or just manipulate the sugar. My chakra is actually a special type of sugar in which I can use to shape into different things, and makes other sugars react with in odd ways. My body is made up of entirely sugar, so I can manipulate it as well. Some sweets take on special abilities when my chakra is in them, thingsd that candy does not usually do, or have the property of doing. When my chakra is in a candy/sweet, it can be taken out again, and recycled back into my body, and the sugar will change back to its normal state that it was in before I poured my chakra through it. Also, any sugar/candy/sweet that is injested that my chakra is in, is poisonous to everyone else. When I add my chakra to a single grain of sugar, I can mulitiply that sugar grain up to fifty times, so as I need very little sugar to make structures.


Chocolate: Acts kinda like mud, i can hardend and liquify it at will.

Chocolate Flood: Causes chocolate to be explelled out of my mouth, and forms a pond of chocolate wherever I poured it.

Chocolate Clones: Clones made of chocolate.

Chocolate Fountain: Like a volcano spews lava, so too, a Chocolate Fountain spews chocolate, uh, everywhere. Think of chocolate waves going everywhere.

Chocolate Monster: Makes a large, ten foot tall, big monster with green eyes, and very strong. Can also reform, and reshape itself. It is under my control, but can act on its own.

Liquorice: makes liquorice ropes that are very strong, kind like muscle fibers. They can stretch almost indefiniatly.

Liquorice Ropes: Makes liquorice that I have shoot forward, and wraps the opponent up, trying to rend them immoble. Hard to break out of, and can stretch almost indefinitly.

Liquorice Rope Forest: By hitting the ground, I make trees shoot out of the ground that are made of the Liquorice, and that can be manipulated, and has the normal abilities of the liquorice above.

Gingerbread: Much like earth, gingerbread is hard, and can be shot out of the ground. More for house creation than anything else.

Crystals:I can create/form three different kinds of sugar crystals at this point. Each has a different attribute, and the sugar molecules of each are in different arrangements.

Cinnamon Crystal: Crystal that although is pretty fragile, gives off extreme heat, making the temperature around it boil at over 300-500 degrees, if not more.

Coolmint Crystal: Crystal that is harder than Cinnamon Crystal, but still only as hard as soft metals. These give off extreme cold around them. They can lower the temperature to under 200 degrees below zero, depending on the amount of the crystal formed.

Coolmint Crystal Snow: I form the coolmint crystals into small snowflakes, that fall from the sky, cooling the area in which they fall considerably. They also can cut apart the opponents quite easily, when they fall.

Kandy Crystal: A pinkish crystal that is formed, has such a tight structure, that it becomes as hard as diamonds, thus unbreakable, until my chakra is removed by myself.

Kandy Crystal Pillars: Shoots out large pillars of Kandy Crystal out of the ground.

Kandy Crystal Forest: Shoots large spires of the Kandy Crystal out of the ground, as large as trees, or larger. Covers an area quite quickly, and can continue climbing.

Kandy Crystal Formation: Can create weapons out of the crystal, such as, but not limited to: kunai, shuriken, giant shuriken, swords, needles,etc...

Kandy Crystal Clones: self-explainitory.

Kandy Crystal Mirror: Makes a mirror that refracts the light in such a way that helps me to see long distances and even around and through objects.

Kandy Crystal Dragon: Kandy Crystal forms a dragon.

Honey:Much like chocolate, but hardens to a very hard substance, and is extremely sticky when not hard.

Honeycomb: creates a large honeycomb structure that bees tend to live in.

Honey Cocoon: wraps sticky honey around opponent and hardens entraping them.

Honey Crystalization: Hardens Honey to hard, gold colored substance.

Honey Decrystalization: Unhardens the crystalized honey.

Other Jutsu:

Sugar Rush: Doubles my speed and strength, and makes my reactions better.

Summoning Jutsu: Hive: Summons a large hive that is filled with honey bees, in which im bonded with. They also have jutsu.

1000 Bee Stings Jutsu: Bees shoot out chakra out of their stingers which looks like needles. They have a paralizing agent, which starts to paralize the area which is struck.

1000 Exploding Bees: They bees swarm the opponent, and then selfdestruct, blowing apart an area, and the people caught within.

Swarm: Covers the opponent in bees, who sting and bite the opponent to death, or hopefully that far.

Death By Honey: Bees encase the opponent and themselves in a small pillar of Honeycomb, where they continually swarm, sting, and bite the opponent to death, hence the name.

Chakra Natures: Unknown yet, but soon to find them out and develope them...

By no means is this the extent of my sugar control, as I can control anything that has sugar in it, or is made of sugar. These are the most formed/used.
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Okashi's Jutsu List of Candy!!!!!!!!
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