Between the Light and Darkness Lies a Hidden Reality, the Control Panel of Existance, this is the Twilight
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 Sanjiro's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Sanjiro's Jutsu   Sanjiro's Jutsu I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2009 8:13 am

Chakra Natures: Lightning, Fire, Poisonous Acid,

((Not finished! Need some time!))

- Lightning -

Chidori - Lightning chakra forms into my hand and I hit something, to cause some devastating damage.

Raikiri - A much stronger version of Chidori.

God Lightning - I shoot as much lightning from the sky as I want, which go at around the speed of light. They are much hotter and stronger than regular lightning.

Zeus's Fist - A technique where I gather lightning chakra into both of my fists. Then I use those to fists and hit the opponent with it creating a very strong hit. Also if I smack my hands together, I can send quick and giant waves of lightning at the opponent.

Lightning Armor - I put an armor of lightning around my whole body. This armor is of lightning is much hotter than the sun.

Zeus's Bolts - These bolts are nearly as strong as enough to destroy a whole city. I can call down as many as I want. They go at the speed of light.

- Fire -

Fireball - Fire ball jutsu. I shoot out a big fireball out of my mouth. My ones are very strong and also travel very quick.

Grand Fireball - Same as fireball jutsu except much larger, faster, and also stronger.

Phoenix Fire Technique - A technique where I blow multiple fire balls from my mouth. It can also be combined with throwing weapons, which creates weapons engulfed in flames. I can also use it to create Fire Clones at a faster pace.

Rising Torch - My whole body goes up into flames over 50,000 degrees Celsius. These flames do not effect me in any harmful way. Using this, I can shoot out fire balls or beams or even bolts of fire. I can also use this as a armor so taijutsu would be a bad choice and fire ninjutsu that aren't very hot wont affect me.

Fire God Beam - I send a giant beam of fire at the opponent that can go through nearly everything. It goes at the speed of light.

Fire God Dance - I send out trillions of waves of fire that travel at nearly the speed of light.

Fire Wave - Sends a giant wave of burning fire at the opponent. It goes at a very high speed.

Fire Bolts - I can send as many bolts of fire at the opponent. These are strong enough to burn through a whole city.

- Poisonous Acid - Note: The poison and acid (and poisonous acid) does not affect me in any bad way.

My poison. My poison is much stronger than any regular poison and common poison. Because of how strong they are, it would take up a lot of chakra to get rid of a small dose of it. I can mix it in with nearly all (or all) of my jutsu. I also have jutsu just for them. The acid that comes along with the poison is very strong. They can easily destroy things that are 55x times the strength of granite and also items that are around 60x times the strength of steel. I can put poison in my acid techniques and acid in my poison techniques. They only burn through whatever I want burned. It doesn't affect me.

Poison Hell - I send out a poison mist and I throw one projectile which, in less than a second, becomes more then 100 projectiles.

Acidic Hell - I can make acid all over the floor. Then I can manipulate it and turn it into different objects which will go at the opponent, trying to burn them with the acid.

Poisonous Destruction - This lets me manipulate my poison and turn them into different objects. It can either be a liquid, a solid, or a gas.

Poisonous Acid Destruction - It is a combination of Acidic Hell and Poisonous Destruction. It makes it more deadly and stronger.

Poison Acidic Mist - I send out a poisonous acidic mist around the whole place.

Acid Body - I put my body in a poisonous acid armor. The acid will burn through everything but me and what I don't want burned.

- Medical -

I have a high healing factor which can easily heal things very quickly. (Way quicker than Wolverine and Naruto)

I can do nearly all types of medical ninjutsu such as chaotic mental collision and healing palm and just the regular healing. I can do much more things such as the chakra scalpel.

- Summonings -

My summonings have all the elements. I have my Dragon Vaza, which I can fuse with, making me 500% stronger. Also I can summon regular dragons, snakes, toads, birds, and giant scorpians. I can also fuse with the Scorpion King, Zanatsu, which increases my power by 200%. If in either states of Vaza or Zanatsu, I can then fuse with the other one, making my power increase by 600%.

The name of my fusion with the Scorpion King is called Mautu.

The name of the fusion with my Dragon Vaza is called Hanaroth. It is my most strongest state.
Sanjiro's Jutsu Jacehk2 = Hanaroth State

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Chizuni Shiku

Chizuni Shiku

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PostSubject: Re: Sanjiro's Jutsu   Sanjiro's Jutsu I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 11, 2009 7:46 am

((Um, biting anyone....? ok really a bit now.......))
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Sanjiro's Jutsu
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