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 Training My Goddaughter

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PostSubject: Training My Goddaughter   Fri Jul 10, 2009 5:01 am

*I would walk through the observatory with Kayla on the top of my head, her chin resting on my dome her about the size of a baby doll. Gaia would appear in a flash of blue light.*

Gaia: How goes the babysitting?

*I would sigh as I stop walking, finding a nice spot in the observatory where I can start over with Kayla's training.*
Me: she's just like her mother..stubborn, hardheaded..
*before I could finish my complaining, Kayla would appear on the ground crawling away..*
Me: and quick..

Gaia: well just Make sure she doesn't get away from you, Kay would never forgive us if something happened to her..
* Gaia would say as she flicked her hair from in her front of her face and in that instant, Kayla would vanish.*
Gaia: the fuck? The hell did she go ?

*using my diamond eye I would look around and find Kayla in a tree, about 5 miles away. I would point in her direction.*
Me: She's over there..5 miles away..

Gaia: warping..?

Me: nope, she ra- er she crawl so fast..?
* I then facepalm remembering who's child it is..I then notice her clapping gleefully and cooing.*
Me: I think she want's to play tag..

Gaia: then go get her, we need to get her training underway..
*she said scratching the back of her head.*

*I sigh then enter a track stance as crimson energies begin staticing around me..*
Me: Guess I'm "it"
* I then take off in a crimson streak destroying eveything in my path. I appear infront of Kayla in an instant, my arms extended as I attempt to grab and apprehend her. She then vanished before my eyes making me crash into and destroy the tree and the entire area around there. I then look up to see her another 3 miles away I then take off for her again the same thing repeating about 5 times me destroy area after area, she then appeared atop a mountain.*

Gaia: Kham stop playing around and get her..
*she said tapping her foot shaking The observatory sligtly.*

Me: Yea yea..
* i then lock onto Kayla and snarl with The whole, "no more Mr. Nice Guy" look on my Face i then appear infront of The mountain she was sitting on and finger flick it, shattering it into pieces making Kayla plumit to The ground And since she cant fly or float, she would be easy pickens. I then extend my right arm making my astral chakra hand go to retrieve her as does a primitive babyish accidental barrel roll dodging my arm entirely..*
Me: Get The fuck outta here..
* i then begin speeding up making it seem like i have thousands of arms in an attempt to overwhealm The baby but she Begins to disappear and reappear in locations where i cant reach her but she continues to fall. How shes moving at all is beyond me. I then pull back my arm and extend it toward her again this time its The size of The sears tower, making it way to fucking big. But once i attempt to lock on to her again she disppears and reappears behind me crawling away.*
Me: Fuck this..
*i shift my foot and a diamond wall would appear infront of Kayla and all around her putting her in like a craddle of sorts..*
Me: Game Over, your it..
*i then reach over to grab her as she fell backwards into a dark portal reappearing in The hands of Gaia cooing lightlty before releasing a yawn. I would appear infront of The both of them..*

Gaia: Guess you loose..
*gaia said laughing at me as i glare at The Now sleeping Kayla.*

Me: Fucking devil spawn..
*me and gaia then continúe to talk about how we aré going to go about this training, writing it off as of it was a completely planned test of kayla.*

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Number of posts : 188
Registration date : 2009-04-17

PostSubject: Re: Training My Goddaughter   Sat Jul 11, 2009 3:17 am

*Me and Gaia would find a spot where we would set Kayla down. she would begin disappearing and reappearing.*

Me: She's going to have to calm down with her disappearing act..she'll never learn how to walk..

Gaia: True, we could teach her how to walk the same way we tried to teach Tj..

Me: Meh, couldn't hurt..
*I say, speaking on my behalf of course as I turn to Kayla. I then stretch my arms out and lower them, forcing kayla to the ground. Gaia would then precede to do various earthbending movements increasing the gravity around Kayla. She's loathes being stationary for so long, and she begins to cry. Gaia, being the compassionate woman/mother that she is, can't stand to see a baby cry and move towards Kayla with intentions of comforting her. I would place my arm infront of gaia, stopping her as I motion her to watch. Kayla's eyes would begin to gleam a pitch black as she began to slowly but steadily force her way to feet, wobbling slightly before standing up, looking at Gaia and me smiling. she then begins to walk toward us.

Gaia: Her first steps..Kay would be so proud..

Me: I'm pretty proud mys-- whoa, wait a second..
*I would notice that Kayla would build up an aura of darkness around her that would bend and distort reality around her being, giving her the appearence of flickering and Fizzing..I would activate my diamond eye and observe Kayla.*
Me: She's a hazard..

Gaia: In what way..
*Gaia would then begin to observe Kayla the same way I did and begin to understand what I was sayiing. the way she was walking toward us, destroying matter and reality in her wake..*

*Kayla then becomes engulfed in an orb of Darkness that would begin to lash out at things around it wih whips of sorts. it would begin to pulsate and grow in size.*

Me: She's gonna blow..

*I then grab hold of gaia and make us both untangiabe through the help of the power cosmic as Kayla exploded in a giant expanding mass of darkness that would spread half way throughout the observatory, erasing things that get in it's way. It would then quickly retract back into her being and explode in an invisable concussive force, who's strength could be felt from 100s of miles away. she would be seen floating in the middle of the crater she created, staticing with power. she then lowered to the ground laying there completely out of power, but still fine and dandy. the observatory would be laid to waste as me and Gaia, would return to being tangiable.*

Gaia: *Would appeared next to her kneeling, kayla rolled up on the ground, her thumb in her mouth sleeping.*
What the hell was this?

Me: *I would appear next to Gaia, kneeling next to her and the baby.*
My guess is her powers finally manifesting themselves, thanks to the observatory and that young acceleration of space and time and such. I doubt that this is the last out burst of her powers that we are going to see if we are to help her hone them..

*I continue to rant on what is going to happen and such as Gaia puts her finger on my lip, shushing me as we both sit down and watch Kayla sleep, awaiting for her to wake so we may continue our field test and training.*

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Number of posts : 188
Registration date : 2009-04-17

PostSubject: Re: Training My Goddaughter   Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:16 pm

*After a while, I would be repairing the observatory while Gaia chilled next to the baby. Once I was done I would appear next to them in a flash as Gaia would begin talking to me while not taking her eye off the baby.*

Gaia: When do you think she'll wake?

Me: I Donna know..
*I take stretch taking a better look at the motionless sleeping baby..*
Me: I think she's dead..

*Gaia would motion to hit me as I jump back. She then shifted her attention to kayla rubbing her on her head through her hair.*
Gaia: That explosion must have taken a lot out of her, and she seems to be growing..
*Kayla would be the size of a toddler about 4 years old*

Me: The scary part is that she's not even a teenager yet. She has a long road ahead of her before she can unlock all of her power. Hopefully her mother will be here to help her..
*I say kneeling down and rubbing her head through her hair. Gaia then kisses me and leans against me..*

Gaia: Your a wonderful father, I'm sure Kay would say the same..

*we then lay together as I face palm, realizing I have to put up with PMSing again and along with another woman in the house again. We then wait for Kayla to
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Number of posts : 188
Registration date : 2009-04-17

PostSubject: Re: Training My Goddaughter   Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:48 pm

*I would awake to find the baby to not be inbetween us but walking away. She would be about a mile away, walking slowly and wobbly like a baby who just recently learned how to walk. I then stretch and scratch the back of my head.*
Me: Early Bird gets the worm I suppose..

*I would get up leaving Gaia to rest..when she really doesn't have to, her being a God and all but w/e. I would appear behind Kayla walking behind her trailing her. She would turn around to face me her eyes steaming black again. The skies would begin to turn an eerie blood red and a black moon would appear in the sky. The ground would turn into a black water. I would begin to look around looking at the transformation that the observatory is going, as I snap my attention back to Gaia. Kayla would release a scream that would inturn fire a concussive force erasing things and such. I would appear next to Gaia covering her with my body creating a dome of silver diamonds around us that would float into the sky, being forced away by the concussive strength and force of whatever Kayla is doing. Gaia would awake to me covering her with my body with a "WTF" look on her face.*

Gaia: Kham!

*I would stand up in the self created shelter, I would turn around only to find out that it was blown through and my back is peeled and shredded. I would force my regeneration factor to speed up as I reinforce the silver dome with red matter by glaring at it.

Me: Kayla's having another outburst of power..
*I would wave my arm to the side, making the dome transparent for Gaia to see..*

Gaia: The hell?!? Did you give her the Dark Force?

*I would check my pockets for my vile of The dark forcé that i took from kay-no and it would still be there.*
Me: Hell naw, but i wouldnt be surprised if she got it somehow..

Gaia: Well whatever The hell that is, your going to have to compress or Seal it, she isn't ready for it yet..WITHOUT KILLING HER..!!

Me: Got it..
*i say as i meld from out of The dome shelter from The sky and Create a silver board to Land on to avoid touching The dark water below me. Not knowing what The hell it couldnt do. I then look down at it and drop a normal diamond into The water as it is erased from existance.*
Me: Uber Sulfer Lake..
*i then write it off as i take off for Kayla at cosmic speeds, my smoothe diamond skin getting peeled and ripies apart but i quickly regenerate,(like wolverine from X-Man 3 when, when he ran up on Phinoex) as i continúe flying showing no signs of pain. I would appear infront of Kayla, forcing my way through whatever forcé she is producing without much effort.*

Me: Enough..
*i then touch Kayla in her forehead, as a red seal appeared on her head. Soon, everything began to revert to normal, the skies clear up and the water that was the ground would disperse. Kayla would then fall into my arms crying. I would away the board and hit the ground with a thud as Gaia appeared next to me.*

Me: That should be her last out burst of reminds me of the Minds Void in a way..but more..evil

Gaia: Well that's good, now the real training can begin..time to begin that young honning if her skills..
*Gaia would say as she fiddled with kayla's nose before turning around and disappearing in a thunderous boom..I then sigh and kiss my goddaughter on the forehead.*

Me: You have the power and the potential..but don't end up like Vash
*Kayla gives me those big baby eyes as she nods her head at whatever I said not even knowing who vash is. We then would then disappear on a flash of crimson light.*

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Number of posts : 188
Registration date : 2009-04-17

PostSubject: Re: Training My Goddaughter   Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:04 pm

---After Many 'A Field Test---

*Me and Gaia would be floating 50 stories over Kayla who would be standing attentive and focused, about 15 years old now*
Me: Are you sure about this..I don't want to hit her..

Gaia: Don't worry bay, I have faith in her..just relax..
*Gaia would then look down at Kayla yelling loud enogh for her to here.*
*Kayla wouldn't even look up at us but would simply hold up her hand giving a thumbs up.*
Gaia: See? She's confident..let her rip..

*I would sigh as I stand straight up and form a golden ball of the power cosmic, it would then take the form of a lightning bolt as I hurl it at Kayla at cosmic lightning speeds. She wouldn't move but simply stand there as the lightning bolt appeared down there instantly striking the spot she was, creating a giant crater. The smoke would clear and Kayla would still he in the same spot unscathed.*

Me: Damn she's fast..
*I would create hundreds of those golden lightning orbs as I begin hurling them toward Kayla the same way I did previously making it 100x harder. Kayla would look up at the rain of pwnage and would flicker out of the way of most of them her body not even moving, just appearing in different areas. Me on the other hand would track her every movement with my Diamond Eye and begin predicting her movements with Cosmic Awareness. As I increase the size, speed, and numbers of the lightning
onslaught. Kayla would show some signs of struggle in her movements but it is barely noticeable. Me and Gaia would simply observe her show.*

Gaia: And you were worried..

Me: Yea, but let's see if she can finish up.

*I then create a clone of myself and fling him toward Kayla, the clone charging the Global Fist and moving just as fast as the lightning bolts, while being hidden by the lightning rain. Kayla would notice the clone thrown in the mix, her eyes an reactions just as quick as her feet. While dodging the lightning and once the clone got close, she would dodge the global fist while grabbing his leg, spinning him around with momentum and flailing him about like a katana repeling the bolts as if they were bullets. Once the barrage was over the clone would poof away and Kayla would be seen panting heavily while stand straight up.*

Me: Wow..

Gaia: Yea..i didn't see the whole katana thing coming..

Me: Resourceful..well your test is next..

Gaia: Indeed, it wil surely push her..
*Gaia would then land infront of Kayla, touching her on the shoulder, replenishing her chakra.*
Gaia: My turn to see what you can do..ya ready..?

Kayla: Yes Nana..

Gaia: Good..
*Gaia would walk in a circle around Kayla, putting her in a circle about as wide as a door matt as she appeared a few off feet away.*
Gaia: Kham tested, your speed and resourcefullness(Sp?)..I am going to test your reaction time and your brain aren't allowed to leave that circle Begin.!
*Gaia then held her hand up above her head, materializing a few mountains above her head. they then began to fall like meteors upon Kayla. She then extended her hands upward toward the falling moutains as she shot precise blasts of darkness, which could only be her special Oran Chakra, at the mountains destroying them.*

Gaia: Bad Move..
*the mountain would be destroyed as only to produce even more giant falling mountains from the debree of the mountains. making Kayla have to work harder and think faster.*

Kayla: Watch me work..
*Kayla said as she produced strings of darkness from her fingers by the hundreds as the strings wrapped around all the various mountain debree as she knocked the debree into each other, destroying them entirely. Kayla then looked at Gaia.*

Gaia: Nice move..but uh..
*Gaia said as she pointed upward to a planet sized mountain that was falling quite fast, giving Kayla nano seconds to think of whats going on..

*Kayla would say in her mind as she placed her hands on the ground, above her head creating a Dark Portal that was about as big as a house. The portal would then begin to gobble up the mountain and spit it up who knows where. I would appear next to Gaia with my arms crossed.*

Me: I think she's ready..

Gaia: Quite..she has proved herself on many occasions and has passed our various field tests and then some..
*We appear next to kayla hugging her..*
Gaia: We're proud of you Kayla..

*I would embrace there hugs and look at the both of them..*
Kayla: Can we go now, I'm really tired..

Me: Of course..
*We then precede out of the observatory to my house.*
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PostSubject: Re: Training My Goddaughter   

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Training My Goddaughter
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