Between the Light and Darkness Lies a Hidden Reality, the Control Panel of Existance, this is the Twilight
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 Elemental Flare Jutsu

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Aida Vanguard
Twilight's Elemental Flare
Twilight's Elemental Flare
Aida Vanguard

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PostSubject: Elemental Flare Jutsu   Elemental Flare Jutsu I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 31, 2008 4:45 pm

The abilities of my kekkei genkai very powerful. The reason why is the fact that my control over the elements isn't held in any weapons. It is buried in my soul and can be crafted into any shape.

Calypso Goddess of the Seas- Summon: This summons the queen of the water and embodiment of my water chakra. This majestic and powerful beast has full domain over water and the seven seas. She can also summon an endless ocean that overlaps the planet in itself. She also allows me, underwater breathing, and complete control of the water. ]Elemental Flare Jutsu Calyps11

Diablo the Blazing Inferno- Summon: This summons calls the embodiment of fire of me, Diablo to the field. He is as big as a giant skyscraper and has absolute control of fire. His body continuously burns with the heat of the sun.

Nightmare the Dark Screaming Void- Summon: This technique turns the entire field to complete and utter darkness from which no light can escape.. This summon is the embodiment of the darkness that is in me. The beast has a 7 foot long blade and, it attacks relentlessly anything other than me. Iit is especially deadly in the darkness. It will react to hostility and the more hostility there is in the area the stonger and more visicous he becomes.
Elemental Flare Jutsu Anima_10

Shinra the Eternal Light - Summon: This summons shinra from my mind to my aid. She comes and turns the field into pure light that purifies the soul and no darkness can pierce it except the darkness I control. Shinra can also heal me while fighting alongside me..

Aaro the Phantasmal Bioshock - Summon: This summons the beast that is the embodiment of lightning in me . Aaro. It shoots electricity from anywhere on its body . It can also turn the whole field into an electrical minefield. Anybody that touches it is instantly blasted by a 1,000,000,000,000 bolt of electricity. His size is massive and roughly equal to that of an enormous skyscraper.

Avant the Roaring Winds - Summon: This summons.the embodiment of wind in me, Avant from my mind. He has complete and absolute control over the wind and can send it through objects to cause damage without breaking the surface like gentle fist only not as gentle. He allows me to heal my wounds. The healing also grants me more strength as it heals so the greater the wounds, the more my power increases. Although the greater the wound the more chakra it takens

Here are some of my jutsu worth mentioning

Volcanic Fist: A Jaw shattering Titanium smashing punch covered in incrediable unbearable fire that covers my whole arm.

First Forbidden Jutsu: Chaos Control

Fire Swarm: I swing my hand or leg and send a seemingly endless barrage of little beams of concentrated heat at the foe.

Drakes Blow:Think A dragon In the form of fire ball jutsu but shit loads bigger and stronger at house size at least.

Forbidden Jutsu: Eternal Blades

Burning Tempest: A huge tornado made of White Fire and that surronds me that I can throw at people

Sapphire Bomb: I slowly generate a ubber amount of water chakra that continues to grow until the end of the match.

Forbidden Jutsu: At Worlds End

Water Coffin: I use the moisture around you make water swirl around you and compress on your body with enough pressure to crush Titanium easily.

Crushing Piller: a super giant piller of Crushing water comes from the sky and descends on the opponent at bewildering speeds.

Piercing Fluids: I make water in the form of a drill appear around the opponent and proceed to impale them at bewildering speeds at various angles.

Arcadic Judgement: once activated ubber giant piller like beams of light shoot out from the sky and rain on the battlefield or the thing focused on.

Arcadic Impulse: I charge my hand pulsating with light in the form of electricity and once shot its strength creates a crater and the attack is devestating(Large and strong enough to destroy 30 acres of land)

Forbidden Jutsu: Elemental Flare

Arcadic Erradication- I close my eyes and open them creating An explosion of Arcadic Light Energy Followed up by Bolts of light energy from above(Exhausting after taking out the whole field)
Precise Shot: One of my stronger attacks. Its a very very very strong, precise, accurate, piercing beam of light shot from my finger that can pierce through many and most defenses.The Precise Shot is amoung one of my most accurate attacks in my arsanal. What makes it special is the fact that unless i say otherwise it will not attack until a perfect or criticle is seen or certain. It will shoot into the ground or hide in the sky until further intructions or until its shot is seen.(the longer it is in standby the bigger faster and stronger it becomes)

Forbidden Jutsu: Pandamonium

Rage Bomb- A bomb no bigger than a lima bean. Once Detonated it makes an explosion of Darkness thats strong enough to level a small city and then some.

Dragons of the dark void- Dragon contructed of Darkness. they home in and lock on to a foe and will explode on contact.

Forbidden Jutsu: Erradicating Tides

Dark Lightining: Lightining infused with darkness making it 10x stronger and faster, all the more devestating.

Crushing Winds: I create winds that could demolish tanks

Forbidden Jutsu: Forever Judgment

Tempest: I create a monsterous twister that if caught inside, you will be visciously cut and chakra will be drained.

Forbidden Jutsu: Eternal Blades

Forbidden Jutsu: To End It All

Catastrophic Rasengan: I fuse every last one of my chakras, dresspheres, spirit wave orb and all into one rasengan of nothing less then uber epic proportions..

AK-Launcher: I appear infront of the opponent and punch them 500 times at lightspeed before cocking back for one final swing.

Forbidden Jutsu: Forever Judgment

Rapid Spin: I spin my body at a high speed either like a top or head over heels.
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Elemental Flare Jutsu
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