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 Sanoske's Moves

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Jounin of the Twilight
Jounin of the Twilight

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PostSubject: Sanoske's Moves   Thu Dec 25, 2008 2:41 am

<Fire stye:Flame Dragon jutsu:

<Fire Style:Fireball Jutsu

<Flire Style:Grand Fireball Jutsu

<Earth style:Earth Dragon jutsu

<Secret Jutsu:Magma Dragon Jutsu

<Secret Jutsu:Magma Tidle Wave: giant wave of lava

<Secret Jutsu: Magma Bomb Jutsu: large ball of magma thrown at enemy

<Stone Skin: Makes my skin invincible to the elements, and blocks some physical damage.

<Earth style: Tremor jutsu: makes the earth shake.

<Summoning Jutsu:Giant Flame Badger animal

<Magma Skin Jutsu: earth forms a protective shield around my skin and then a second layer of red hot earth is ontop of the stone to protect from enemy taijutsu.

<Secret Jutsu: Magma Cage Jutsu: A half circle of magma comes around my opponent. The walls are 20 meters thick.

<Secret Jutsu:Magma Clone Jutsu: forms a clone out of red hot magma.

<Secret Jutsu:Magma Clone Explosion Jutsu: The magma clone explodes sending magma everywhere.

<Secret Jutsu:Magma Cracks Jutsu: Cracks form in the earth and magma comes out of them in walls.

<Secret Jutsu:Giant Magma Shuriken: I make shuriken made of molten lava and can throw them like a normal giant shuriken. Can burn through most substances.

<Secret Jutsu: Giant Magma Eruption: The earth expands upward and shoots huge amounts of magma everywhere, burning hot, destroying the landscape.

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Jounin of the Twilight
Jounin of the Twilight

Number of posts : 44
Registration date : 2008-12-25

PostSubject: Re: Sanoske's Moves   Thu Feb 05, 2009 9:30 am

Moves Ive Learned from either fights or training.

<Magma Rasengan: I make a ball of magma and heat into a very intense ball in my hand.

<Eye Of Sozan: gathers a large sphere of highly concentrated heat, fire and magma around me, and then I release it sending the intense heat, flame and magma in all directions.

<Sun Flare: I take the Sun-zanboto and spin in a circle with the sword touching the ground. Creates a huge tornado of flames and magma around me. I then release it and spread the fire and magma from the tornado in all directions and create a large crater under me, usually filled with magma.
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Jounin of the Twilight
Jounin of the Twilight

Number of posts : 44
Registration date : 2008-12-25

PostSubject: Re: Sanoske's Moves   Sat Aug 15, 2009 11:27 am

New Clan Developements:

<Kazangan: An eye technique that is at the root of my clans power it gives many abilities listed here:

<Long-Range sight and Thermo Sight: My vision is enhansed to see finer details. I can also pick out organic life by seeing their body heat, no matter how small. Used to track.

Elemental Range: The Kazangan unlocks more chakra natures than what is normal for a ordinary shinobi. I can now control Fire, Wind, Lightning, and Earth.

<Garasu: By farther combining fire and earth elements, my clan can create a substance called Garasu. Garasu looks like glass, but is a extremely hard mineral substance that is totally heat resistant, and is almost totally resistant to physical force. When shaped or molded, it gives off a distinctive sould of breaking, or shattering glass.

<Konki: This is a technique that has been receintly discovered by the clan. It can be used to absorb energy from large heat sources, like a planet core, and convert it into chakra. This I'm not exactly adept at, so it will need practice.

Bird Bond and Tori-Kan: Apart from the Kazangan, the Zukumo clan has a very close connection with birds. We can also summon up Tori-Kan, which are magical birds.

Takaton: This is my first Tori-Kan, a Phoenix. I can summon him to help me out, when I need it. He can has abilities of his own:

<Teleportation: He can vanish in a large torrent of flames, and then reappear else where.

<Phoenix Flames: See explination of Phoenix Flames.

New Jutsu Learned: Here I'll list all the jutsu I can use from my new Kekkei developements.

<Garasu Formation: I can make almost any shape, or formation with the Garasu. Walls, pillars, spheres, you name it.

<Exoskeleton: By Combining the Garasu with my Stone Skin, and Magma Skin jutsus, I can create a almost unbreakable armor that protects me from heat, and physical damage the most.

<Garasu Shatter/Spread: I can make any Garasu shatter into tiny sharp pieces, and then make them fly, and slice through whatever.

<Bird Summon/Calling: I can summon up birds from almost anywheres. They will obey me to any extent.

< Bird Transformations: I can transform the birds in almost any way, and into almost any object. examples would be weapons such as kunai and katanas, and bullets.

<Raven Clones: I make any amount of ravens out if chaka much like a person does clones can control them like a clone, and they puff away like shadow clones.

<Bird Subsitution: I sign and make a clone of the birds of me, that when hit will disperse into birds that fly away. I go off hiding somewhere hidden. (I must sign, and complete before Im hit)

<Bird Art: Crow Barrage: I summon a flock of crows out of my clothes that shoots towards the opponent from every direction and starts to peck them to death.

<Bird Art: Wind Storm: The birds fly past something or someone and trail huge gusts of wind behind them, carrying everything behind them away.

<Bird Art: Whirlwind Technique: The birds fly in a circle around the opponent and upward creating a large whirlwind that picks up the opponent and throws them.

<Summon Jutsu: Carron Crow: I summon the Carron crow, a bird with three eyes that are deep red, and that likes to eat dead meat, and sometimes alive meat too.

<Carrion Crow: Corpse Control: the carron crow burros deep into a corpse and eats its heart, gaining complete control over the corpse.

<Carrion Crow: Enlargement: The carron crow can enlarge itself ten time bigger than the original, making it as big as a large truck.
It becomes very strong, as strong as a Chuunin level ninja, and is very fast. Can eat a human whole.

<Wind Scythe Jutsu; Makes a funnel of wind that can cut through solid metal.

<Wind Blade: A smaller version of the wind scythe, around my hand to cut things with. Same strength of the wind scythe.

<Air Bullet: A human size, concentrated, blast of air

<Air Dash: Gives me emmense speed, that I can go above the speed of sound easily.

<Wind Torrent: I fire off multipule air bullets that come from multipule directions at once.


<Lightning Bolts Jutsu: Calls down lightning bolts

<Lightning Flock: A large amount of lightning shoots down from the sky, taking the form of a great flock of birds, and shoots down at the opponent.

Phoenix Flame: There are two kinds listed here.

<Phoenix Flame: This is the normal flame of a Phoenix. It can burn up to 5700 K (5426.85 C or 9800.33 F), which is the temperature of the core of earth (a planet's core temp in general). The hottest flames are a bright yellow, while the coolest are a light red. Normal Phoenix Flames also have the ability to create a barrier from other heat sources. Its called defensive flames, and no matter how hot any flame, plasma, or anyother substance that acts like flame is, it will not be able to burn through or get through the Phoenix Flames. (Its a magical fire thats why). I can use the Phoenix Flames like anyother flame style jutsu.

<White Phoenix Flames: The second kind of phoenix flame are the white flames, which are a burning white color. These flames dont burn, but have a special healing ability. They can cure any poison or disease, and can heal any would, even restoring lost limbs. These flames also excert the Defensive Flame as well, protecting me naturally.

<Phoenix Aura: creates an aura around me of PF that protects me, and can heal me if they are white PF.

<Phoenix Flame: Eye of the Storm: PF is spread out all over in a mile radius, more intense the closer you get to me.
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Twilight's Blazing Sky
Twilight's Blazing Sky

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PostSubject: Re: Sanoske's Moves   Sat Dec 25, 2010 9:20 pm


Jace's Theme
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Twilight's Blazing Sky
Twilight's Blazing Sky

Number of posts : 292
Age : 29
Registration date : 2009-02-01

PostSubject: Re: Sanoske's Moves   Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:18 pm


Jace's Theme
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PostSubject: Re: Sanoske's Moves   

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Sanoske's Moves
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