Between the Light and Darkness Lies a Hidden Reality, the Control Panel of Existance, this is the Twilight
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 A Meeting.

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A Meeting. Empty
PostSubject: A Meeting.   A Meeting. I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 15, 2009 10:24 am

*I arrive outside the tavern, and look around, and seeing a figure who steps out of the shadows. A large crow sits on his shoulder*

A Meeting. Zuga

You must be Zuga?

Zuga: Correct.

Sano: So, did you wanna fight or something?

Zuga: Or something.

Sano: Then why did you call me?

*Zuga sighs, and signs. Everything changes around us, and soon we are standing where I once called home*

Sano: This is my old did you do that...?

Zuga: Genjutsu....

Sano: .....

*The view changes to show the Zukumo clan estate. It moves further in, into a council chamber. Ten people stood around, each talking, their voices inaudiable*

Sano: How do you know all this?

Zuga: One of them, that one, if my father.

*He points to one that looks quite like him, only older*

Sano: Wait, That was my mother's brother!

Zuga: Indeed...

Sano: So, does that make us....cousins?

Zuga: mmmhmmm.

Sano: You you can control Magma too?

Zuga: Among other things, yes. Its high time you learned of you clans true power, Sanoske. Magma control is just the surface.

Sano: Wait, your telling me my kekkei is not magma manipulation?

Zuga: No. I'm telling you it's not just magma control, but something larger, and greater than that. Kazangan!

*After making a seal, Zuga's eyes change*

Zuga: This is the clans greatest secret.

Sano: an eye technique..?

Zuga: Correct. It is what allows you control over magma, and other things as well....

Sano: So, am I able to use it?

Zuga: Yes, but you can only activate through another clan member.

Sano:Ok, so hows it done?

*Zuga, instead of answering, stares into my eyes, and suddenly my entire body has become a mass of burning flame, and earth. The world around us vanishes, and suddenly I see everything in a new light, per say. Everything glows in warm vibrant colors, and moves in gental swaying motions. After a few moments, everything sways back into motion, and we are left standing where we were, behind the tavern*

Zuga: Try it.

Sano: ok.

*I make a seal, focusing my chakra to my eyes*

Sano: Kazangan!
A Meeting. Kazangan

*All at once, my eyes transform. I see normally, except for Zuga and the crow, who are a blazing red color*

Sano: Whats up with you?

Zuga: That would be your heat sight. You have the ability to see organics by sensing their heat. Even plants show up on this, since their cells give off heat energy too.

Sano: Thats cool. Good for tracking too...

Zuga: That was the point.

Sano: So, what else is there, your said there were other things I could do too.

Zuga: Correct. Well, Magma control is not directly controlled by the Kazangan, but by your combination with the elements Fire and Earth. First thing you will learn is how to create Garasu.

Sano: Create what?

Zuga: Garasu.

*Zuga signs, and suddenly there is a sould like breaking glass, at which point, a glass like substance forms itself around Zuga*

Zuga: Try and break it.

*I quickly thrust a punch at the glassy stuff, and as my punch hits it, a wave of pain shoots through my hand and arm. The garasu stays completely intacted*

Zuga: Almost totally resistant to physical force, and also totally resistant to heat.

Sano: It looks like glass to me.

Zuga: Well looks arn't everything.

Sano: So I see. So anything else...?

Zuga: 2 things. First, The Kazangan unlocks your limited chakra nature access. You should now be able to control all chakra elements but water.

Sano: Wow. Thats alot. So wind and lightning?

Zuga: Yes. Kazangan also has one last power, that has been recently discovered. Its known as the Konki. It is really unknown what this is at the moment, but I have been able to do at least one thing with it.

*Zuga signs, his Kazangan burns brighter, and suddenly his body is covered in a large mass of chakra, and flames*

Sano: What just happened?

Zuga: I drew energy from the planet's core itself. Using this, you can convert near sourses of heat, and light into chakra for yourself. But thats something that has taken time for me to develope, so no doubt it will take you time too.

Sano: I pick up fast.

Zuga: One last thing.

*Zuga moves closer to me, and plants a large needle into my arm, and pulls it out*

Sano: OUCH! hey what was that....hey what happening?

*A large dark shape forms on my skin, and takes the shape of a black raven*

Zuga: Our clan has a certain affinity with birds. This will help you transmit chakra to them, and help control them. Here is a summoning scroll too. Write your name in blood on it.

*I bite my finger, and trace my name on the scroll. The scroll rolls back together again*

Zuga: Summon him.

Sano: huh? ok. Summoning Jutsu!

*After applying more blood, I sign, and touch the ground. In a flaming glory, a large flaming bird appears in the air in front of us*

A Meeting. Phoenix-1

Zuga: This is Takaton. Takaton, this is Zukumo Sanoske.

Takaton: A new guy. Guess I have to enbue him...

*A large wave of red, orange, yellow, and white flames shoots out from the Phoenix, and surround me, shooting though my mouth and nose, and eyes, Im however, unharmed*

Zuga: You now have the ability to control the Phoenix Flames. Phoenix Flames are special, and there are two types of Phoenix Flame. The first is normal, burning flames. The temperature of these can be controlled, red signaling the coolest, and yellow the hottest. These flames can reach up to the temperature of the core of a planet, so hot enough. However, phoenix flames are special in that they are defensive flames. They act as a barrier to all other sources of heat. No matter how hot any flame, or plasma, or anysubtance that acts like flame, it will not be able to get through the Phoenix Flames.

Sano: How is that possible?

Takaton: Magic....

Sano: Oh.

Zuga: Yes. Now, the second kind of flame is White Phoenix Flame. WPF has the ability to heal any ailment, cure any poison, and sew up any injury. It can save you at the brink of death, and can even reform lost limbs. Any questions?

Sano: not really, you covered it pretty good.

Zuga: Its well rehearsed. Now, here take this, it marks the location of you next Tori-Kan. Since I dont have time to have you summon them all, you'll have to do the next one on your own.

Sano: My next what?

Takaton: Tori-Kan are magical bird, much like myself, that the Zukumo clan can summon.

Sano: Oh, how many are there?

Zuga: More than you can count on two hands. Now, I have places to go, and things to do, so if you'll excuse me.

*Zuga walks away, and vanishes, in a puff of raven feathers. Takaton vanishes in a bright flaming puff, and I walk back to my apartment, taking it all in, and the Tori-Kan Scroll in my hand*
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A Meeting.
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