Between the Light and Darkness Lies a Hidden Reality, the Control Panel of Existance, this is the Twilight
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 Prophet's Weapons

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Jounin of the Twilight
Jounin of the Twilight

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Prophet's Weapons Empty
PostSubject: Prophet's Weapons   Prophet's Weapons I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 25, 2008 10:52 pm

Katana on back: a normal katana
giant shuriken:
kunai knives:
paper bombs:
Frostbite:a katana which freezes whatever it touches
Armaggedon: A katana that kills by eating its victums souls, leaves black in the wounds it leaves.
Seals:there are three seals on each arm, can call forth octapus arms out of them. There are also 2 seals on my neck, one on each side, they can form into gills.

Boomerangs: I have many different boomerangs that I can summon at anytime. They always return to me when thrown, but can be cantained but takes a huge amout of chakra. They cannot be picked up and used by anyone else, they only obey me and anyone who I let them be used by.

Flamerang: Made of molten substance, has fire at each tip. Can set things on fire and evaporate water. can burn though limited substances.
Prophet's Weapons 1-flamerang
Frostyrang: Made of sub-zero temperature substance: can freeze water and enemies. can also put out fires.
Prophet's Weapons 1-frostyrang
Zapppyrang: Made of electrical substance; can electricute people and substances. If thrown far into the air, can create lightning storm.
Prophet's Weapons 2-zappyrang
Kaboomerang: Made of explosive material. Will explode when come into cantact with anything except me. Will destroy some hard metals.
Prophet's Weapons 1-kaboomarang
Megarang: Will pinpoint targets and seek them out. will also keep targeting enemies until they are eleminated or i call it back.
Prophet's Weapons Megarang
Multirang: Can multiply itself into more rangs when thrown, like a self shadow cloning.
Prophet's Weapons 1-multirang
Zoomerang: can travel farther than any of the rangs, and will pinpoint one target locking on till I call off or enemy is eliminated.
Prophet's Weapons 1-zoomerang
Smasharang: Packs a powerful punch, could punch a hole in a sheet of very hard metal. More forceful than Kaboomerang but doesn't make explosion.
Prophet's Weapons 2-smasharang
Chronorang:slows everything down that it touchs
Prophet's Weapons 1-chronorang
Realityrang: Made with the Prophets chakra, will disinagrate anything through which it passes. I can also completely control the path of this rang because its made of my chakra.
Prophet's Weapons 1-slysboomerang
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Prophet's Weapons
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