Between the Light and Darkness Lies a Hidden Reality, the Control Panel of Existance, this is the Twilight
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 Facing My Master...

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Aida Vanguard
Twilight's Elemental Flare
Twilight's Elemental Flare
Aida Vanguard

Number of posts : 179
Age : 28
Registration date : 2008-12-24

Facing My Master... Empty
PostSubject: Facing My Master...   Facing My Master... I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 12, 2009 1:28 am

*Aida would be seen standing outside of the twilights gates with her hands at her sides and a bagpack on. she would yawn before scratching the back of her head.*
Time to get this over with..
*Aida then situated her backpack before teleporting tothis enormously freakishly large castle like thingy surronded by water.*
Facing My Master... Img_0110 least she didn't change anything..
*Aida would say after stretching. she would then begin walking toward castle until she came across the equally giant doors to the insides of the castle. Aida then touched the doors before they began glowing wildly and randomly different colors.*

This didn't happen last time..
*The door then flared open and slowly but surely a giant ugly creature with a giant staff emerged looking way down at aida. aida looked up at the giant creature with no trace of fear at all.*
What are you suppose to be?

*The creature then roared shaking the world with its demonic and ominous voice.*
Incolent fool!! I will destroy you!!!

(visual Aid of the creature)
Facing My Master... Mateus10

*Aida said slightly jumping around like a boxer not even bothering to take off her bag. The creature then yelled again before diving into the seemingly endless sea. suddenly the creature emerged behind aida and fired an intense bluish blast. Aida then turned slightly before teleporting out of the way and directly above the monster. she then released a vicious supersonic kick to the back of its head sending the monster skipping and sailing across the sea. then only a second later, the monster appear out of the water under aida swinging its staff like a psycopath attempting to slash and hack aida. Fortunatly, aida would simply dodge and weave inbetween the attacks with ease while staying airborn. she then timed the swings of the strikes and appeared infront of the beast sending another supersonic dive kick to the creatures face sending him far into the depths of the endless ocean. But then following second the creature would emerge once more spinning its staff.* move pretty face down there..but yo--

*before aida finished her sentence the creature grabbed aida with his left hand and pulls her down into the water and begins diiving deeper and deeper into the endless depths of the water at hypersonic speeds, hella leagues under water, trying to drown Aida and crush her under the pressure.*

*Aida said in her head as her eyes glew a Dark Blue. She then began controling the entire ocean spliting down the middle(like moses XP)and making it close with enough strength and presssure to crush the monster into nothingness. Aida then slowly swam back up to the castle like area where the doors were. she then climbed back onto shore, tired, and breathing heavily..*
That was too much work

*She then rung out her soaked backpack before looking back at the doors. she then noticed the staff of the creaturre was driven into the ground infront of her, it size reduced so that she could wield it. Aida then walked toward it an picked it up, swinging it randomly. it then glew before firing a beam at the enormous doors. the beam then created an ominous portal.*
And here we go..

*Aida said rather in an annoyed tone. she then stuffed the staff into her bag before putting the bag back on and slowly walking to the portal.*
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Aida Vanguard
Twilight's Elemental Flare
Twilight's Elemental Flare
Aida Vanguard

Number of posts : 179
Age : 28
Registration date : 2008-12-24

Facing My Master... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Facing My Master...   Facing My Master... I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 12, 2009 2:31 am

*Aida would walk into the portal that would lead to a city block wide hallway surronded by blue tiles and stones and what not. Aida then began to slowly walk down the hall looking all around the hallway until seeing a giant and very skinny spire where a figure was sitting down at the tip top in a meditative state, its eyes closed, and body completely still.*

*Shaokai would continue in his perfectly centered stance. speaking to aida without opening his eyes or any other sudden movements.*
Shaokai: Ahh star pupil..have you brought me a gift of someort..
Me: No Shaokai-Sensei..I'm afraid my appearence is
Shaokai:*Shaokai then released a hearty laugh that echoed throughout the hallway as he spoke in his wise and experienced tone.*
I never were really good with words Katr-- I mean Aida..
Me: do understand why I am here..and you do know what it is I want..
Shaokai: Aida..there are very few things in this universe that I don't know or understand..however this one of those things I knew was going to come to pass some time go..
*Shaokai then rose to his left foot standing atoop the skyscraper sized spire.* know.this will be no simple task..are you sure your ready?

Me: *Aida then put her bag to the side before looking back up at shaokai.*
I think I'll manage..
Shaokai: I doubt it..
*The shaokai then jumped off of the spire and landed infront of Aida. he then summoned a red sword of power overtaking. aida then begin to charge with all the elements.*
Me:No hard feelings shaokai...
*aida then appeared infront of the shaokai and released a supersonic superpowered kick as the shaokai rose the sword to block the attack, making aida fly out of the castle through the giant doors.*

Shaokai: its a shame you have come all this way..
*the shaokai uses his overwhealming speed to chase aida through the castle doors and back to the endless ocean where the guardian creature was destroyed by aida earlier.*
Because at your current level..your nowhere near ready
*The shaokai then held his hand out an shot a giant spherical like blast at aida. Aida then faned her arms upward so that the ocean would rise infront of her and freeze creating an ice wall to block the attack.*

Me: You have no idea..what i'm capable..
*Aida then appeared infront of the shaokai with her foot circulating with all the elements.*
let me show you how far this gap has closed..
*Aida then kicked the shaokai in the face sending him flying across the ocean, aida then rose her finger making giant icebergs for so the shaokiai would crash into them. aida then seized control of the debree of the destroyed icebergs and made them all form into giant shards that would all beam toward the shaokai.*

Shaokai: Ahh yes..a something i'm yearing to see..
*The shaokai then regained his composure and began charging his sword with the power from all life all around the world and then dash toward aida through the millions of debree destroying everything in his wake.*

*The shaokai then appeared infront of aida and release a punch that broke the sound barrier about five times before connecting with her face using all the power from the sword sending aida skipping across the endless sea for seemingly forever.*
Shaokai: Losing your composure..what was the first thing I taught you..
*the shaokai then dahsed after aida,splittting the ocean in his wake, aida then clenched her fist making the ocean close up on the shaokai instantly, crushing him and propeling him into the sky. aida then teleported to where he was.*

Talk is cheap..
*Aida then heel dropped the shaokai back into the ocean that would create a whirlpool where the shaokai hit before the ocean shot up into the sky revealing the shaokais position. the ocean that rose up would begin spiraling around aida like an enormous atom..*
*Aida then made the atom swirl around her like a gun.*
Atomic Hydro Cannon..
*She then fired the skscraper sized cannon down at the shaokai. once the attack was finished the cannon would burst into rain and the shaokai would be nowhere to be found.*

Shaokai: I have nothing to say to you..but you have grown..
*The shaokai said, his voice came from above aida, his clothes completely unharmed but his nose slightly bleeding. he then appeared behind aida with a single slash of his beautiful sword, slashiing the hell out of aida leaving hr limp in the sky. he then warped infront of aida.*
You are not prepared..
*The shaokai then brougth down the blade upon aida's head. aidas eyes then flared open, and then grabbed then shaokais sword. she then palm thrusted his face and then chest.*

Elemental Flare..
*She then began beating the shaokai with all the elements covering her fist and feet over and over.*
(visual aid of the Shaokai)
Facing My Master... Avatar10
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Aida Vanguard
Twilight's Elemental Flare
Twilight's Elemental Flare
Aida Vanguard

Number of posts : 179
Age : 28
Registration date : 2008-12-24

Facing My Master... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Facing My Master...   Facing My Master... I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2009 4:14 pm

*After a good 5 minute beating, aida then kicked the shaokai sending him skipping across the ocean.*
((I can't keep this up..I have to end this now))
*the shaokai then emerged from the sea swinging his blade hundreds of times. aida would begin dodging the slashes before the shaokai smacked her with the flat side of the blade.*

Shaokai: Your just prolonging the inevitable..
*Aida then began to float into the sky. suddenly the sky would turn a deep dark blue and they would become incased in a deep blue dome with random colors everywhere. this was aida invoking the dressphere zone. Aida would begin to feel some of her chakra coming back to her.*
SHaokai: What trickery is this..

Me: the beginning of your end..
*aida said as she was surronded by all of the elements and all of her dresspheres. she would then embrace all of them entering her trinity state(the size of a large building)
(visual aid)
Facing My Master... Uranus10

Shaokai: Incrediable...
*Aida then looked down at the any sized shaokai as she roared sending a concussive force that brought the shoakai to his knees. she then dashed after him moving at the same speed aida would move normally, not slowed by her massive size. The shaokai then waved the sword sending a massive wave of energy that aida would dash through and punch the shaokai into the ground of the dressphere zone, repeating the punching combo and using quicksilver to slow the reactions of the shaokai and speed hers up massively and then every so often she would make time repeat itself so that she would repeat the same attack over and over and over beating the shaokai to nothingness. Aida then booted the shaokai far into the sky of the zone, she then fired a ginormous cobalt colored beam out of her chest and mouth at the airborn shaokai ravaging his body in everyway possible. The dressphere zone would collapse on the shaokai and he would be reverted to a dressphere and aida would reverted back to normal and the shaokais sword floated to her hand.*

Me: never used that form before..
*Aida then looked at the dressphere of the shaokai as it changed into something completely different..*
(Visual aid)Facing My Master... Spirit10

Me: The..Spirit Wave Orb..
*Aida then grabbed hold of it and went under a seizure of sorts..she then regained her composure 2 hours later..her appearence changed.*

(The shaokai's sword)
Facing My Master... Genesi10
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Facing My Master... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Facing My Master...   Facing My Master... I_icon_minitime

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Facing My Master...
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