Between the Light and Darkness Lies a Hidden Reality, the Control Panel of Existance, this is the Twilight
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 A Carnie's Skills

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Bellatrix LeStrange
Genin of Twilight
Genin of Twilight
Bellatrix LeStrange

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PostSubject: A Carnie's Skills   A Carnie's Skills I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 24, 2009 9:30 am

Okay, I'll post these up bit by bit...Too lazy to do them all at once...^^"

Darkness Jutsus-

Maquillage- By touching the face of any person, she can change her face to become and identical.

Moon Fall- Many Half moon discs that move at users commaned.

Magic Hats- Seven giant tophats appear to hide the user.

Sword Box- A box forms behind. 100 swords appear and stab into the box from diffrent directions if enemy is put in box.

Knife tricks- Multiplys a knife by *inserts number hear* to use against enemy. Dissapears after hits something.

Seperation- If user is wearing the bands (arms, hand, leg, stomach, neck), user can seperate parts the bands are on and still have controll of seperated part.

Earth Jutsus-

Bubble Wand- With a giant bublle wand, user can create creatures out of bubbles that become solid after being made.

Flower Mirrage- Cloaks user in a tornado of flower petals that hides chakra presence. Flower petals are rather sharp.

Iron Maiden- Summons an Iron Maiden (Like In Olden times) that encases the enemy. Enemy has to be put in Iron Maiden.

Snake Charming- Attracts all snakes/lizards in area. Snakes/lizards do users bidding.

Sword Swallowing- If user swallows sword, 10 swords will rise from the ground beneath target for each sword swalloed.

Fire Jutsus-

Flame Rings- Many Fire Rings appear that move at users command. (Like the ones Lions jump through)

Fire Eater- By swallowings Falmes, User may breath fire. range depends on how much consumed.

Flare Storm- A Fire tornado raises around user.

Summoning Jutsus-

Nitemare- A Ghastly creature that vs made entirely of random cloth balls with teeth, eyes, and stiches.
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A Carnie's Skills
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