Between the Light and Darkness Lies a Hidden Reality, the Control Panel of Existance, this is the Twilight
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 Power Overwhelming

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PostSubject: Power Overwhelming   Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:06 pm

My Skin
its silver now other than the blue and greenish diamond, its sleek and feels just like skin, but it functions just like my normal diamond but its of course stronger this silvery substance is the change that resulted from the power cosmic

Atlas Strength
Atlas is the titan that currently holds up the globe "allegedly". My strength is called atlas strength ((thanks kay-no)) because that is how my strength extends. As long as I have chakra my strength is still the same, but it takes all of my chakra to hold the globe which is: 6 septillion pounds ((6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)). In my cosmic state I can juggle the earth like its a tennis ball, but usually It would take all my strength to lift the globe, but it is possible. If I run out of chakra, my strength is still super human, just not as strong.

Left Arm
basicaly the power arm...this arm weighs one ton and is utterly indestructible...its is infused with cosmic energies and can lay waste to a city in a matter of seconds i can change it into shapes and use it to...well...beat people into submission with the power of the earth at my disposal.

Right arm
This arm is special, it has the abillity to project my chakra in the shape of an arm allowing it to hyper extend using the power cosmic. This arm is used for various combo attacks. Its punching power is the same as that of the left ((like kyuubi naruto or like Nero from dmc 4)) When this arm is "thrown" at the opponent it is locked on to them using my diamond eye, so when I project the arm at an opponent it warps to their location millimeters away from them.... when I form the arm to punch someone the arm just manifests it self behind that of the right arm ((as is in the video)) and allows me free will of it, the arm when in its wispy like chakra form is damn near invulnerable. The blue dude that appears around nero is the exoskeleton of myself that appears when I project the power cosmic around me

The embodiment of the left arm
the masters sword

it is also embuded with the power cosmic as is heavy as hell to others it weighs approximately 100,000 tons. the power cosmic flows through this sword

and when i get pissed i compress the masters blade into the gauntlet of the cosmos

The right arms embodiment
the cosmos destroyer...the hammer is imbuded with the power cosmic... this hammer is 7 feet tall and weights 100,000 tons. When the hammer hits the ground it sends cosmic energies towrads the earth core allowing me to do the world breaker from above ground.

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Power Overwhelming
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