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 Sirus's Jutsu

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Jounin of the Twilight
Jounin of the Twilight

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PostSubject: Sirus''s Jutsu   Sirus's Jutsu I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 24, 2008 7:07 pm

Kekkei Gankai(bloodline trait): Power of the Druids: The ability to freely manipulate the five elemental chakras, and to combine any of them together into secondary elemental forms. Example: Water + Earth = Wood Release Jutsu

Druingan: My druingan eye allows me to minipulate all 6 elements lightning, water, fire, wind, earth, and void. I can use it to undo/stop any elemental jutsu i see and i can combine any of the elements easily. I can also produce a jutsu of the opposing element when another uses a elemental jutsu on me. The jutsu will be almost of the same shape and nature. example: Fire Ball Jutsu -} Water Ball Jutsu (water is fires weakness, so water cancels fire.)
Sirus's Jutsu Druingan
Single Hand Seals: I can sign using only one hand.

Elemental combinations:

Mokuton/Wood Minipulation (water and earth)/Wood Release: this is some of what it looks like, these are wood spires, but wood can be made into many more forms.
Sirus's Jutsu Mokuton_henge_2
Hyoton/Ice Minipulation: (wind and water)/Ice Release: Some examples of Ice Release.
Sirus's Jutsu 236602065rq
Sirus's Jutsu Arist93121984687973_gros
Maton/Lava Minipulation (earth and fire)/ Lava Release
Sirus's Jutsu Lava
Kinton/Metal Minipulation (earth and lightning)/ Metal Release
Saton/Sand Manipulation (earth and wind)/Sand Release
Sirus's Jutsu Quicksandinthestyleofawaterfall
Gaton/Glass Manipulation (fire and earth)/Glass Release
Sirus's Jutsu Shattered-glass

Fuuton (wind release):
Wind Style:Gail Force Winds: Large Force of wind in one direction
Wind Style:Shuriken Windwhirl: small tornado around me filled with shuriken which i can release at anytime.
Wind Style: Imploding Dome: After jumping into the air, I sign and reach downward, and create a large dome of wind which then implodes leaving a large crater and hopefully a dead enemy.

Suiton (water release):
Water Style:Multipule Water Wolf Attack: Forms 5 water wolves which proceed to attack my target(s)
Water Style:Tidal Wave Jutsu: Giant wall of water towards target.
Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu
Water Style: Water Explosion: gathers large amount of water to one area then releases it making large amounts of water gush everywhere, carrying everything in its path with it.

Doton (earth release):
Earth Style: Mud Dragon Jutsu:obivious
Earth Style: Mud Barrier Jutsu:4 walled barrier around me.
Earth Style: Earth Pillar Entrapment: Creates 4 pillars of earth around the target, which have a whirlpool of earth between the pillars that will suck the target into the ground and trap them there.

Raiton (lightning release):
Lightning Armor Jutsu: Protective Electrical armor that electricutes anyone who touches it.
Lightning Style:Dual Lightning Wolves: 2 steams of lightning shoot arcoss the ground at my target.

Katon (fire release):
Fire Style: Skyfire Jutsu: I jump into the air and shoot 100 fire balls down on my opponent
Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bombs: I shoot huge fire dragons outward that explode on contact
Fire Style: Four Winds of Flame Jutsu: I make 3 clones and me and them shoot a wall of flame in each four directions.
Fire Style: Flaming Spiral Disk: Creates a large spinning disk out of flames which I throw at a target, can cut/burn through most things.
Fire Style: Smoke Combustion: Blowing a large mass of smoke out of my mouth onto a target, and then lighting it on fire to have it explode, and burn everything in the area of the smoke.

Void Techs (can use by activating the Druingan)
Void Portal: Creates a void portal which sucks things into a alternate dimension.
Void Rasengan: same as the void portal, except its in my palm.

Other Jutsu:
Pack of Wolves: Sends 10 wolves of whatever element I chose, out at the opponent, to ravage and attack them. They are quite fast, especially when made of lightning.

Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu:
Shadow Clone Jutsu
Collaberation: Hurricane: Makes a large whirlpool with a large funnel of wind going into the eye of the whirlpool, which sucks in everything that the water isnt sucking it. Has great power, able to tear boulders apart, and even metal.

Secret Jutsus
Secret Jutsu of the Druids: Storm of Death: Great thunderstorm that sends lightning, rain and hail upon my enemies.
Secret Jutsu of the Druids: Snow Storm: I make snow fall so thick that it is impossible to see anything.
Secret Jutsu of the Druids: Snow Blizzard: Once I make the jutsu above I make the snow blow around a person so much that they are unable to move because of the sher force of the snow. When I release it, the person is blown 50ft away.
Secret Jutsu of the Druids: Elemental Climax: I make all 6 elements form around a person in a cube like fashion with the elements at there stongest. then the elements crush against the person in unison.
Secret Jutsu of the Druids: Combination Climax: I make Wood, Ice, and Lava spring around the person in unison destroying the area in which they are occupying and them hopefully.

Secret Jutsu: Metamorphosis Technique: I can transform my body into any animal and any ninja animal, (ninja dog, ninja toad,etc), I gain their full abilities and I retain my ability to use my Druigan eye and all the other jutsu. This is not a normal transformation jutsu, I actually change into the real thing.
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Sirus's Jutsu
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